Tucker Carlson anti-white mania

Tucker Carlson’s history of fearmongering about white replacement, genocide, and race war

Flashing an “ANTI-WHITE MANIA” graphic on screen, Fox host Tucker Carlson declared on June 24 that something must be done “to save this country” from the scourge of critical race theory “before we become Rwanda.”

Carlson’s barely veiled reference to a genocide that killed more than half a million people invoked images of violent racial conflict in the United States. The segment also came on the heels of Carlson’s full-throated embrace of the “great replacement” conspiracy theory on April 8 -- echoing a belief long held by white nationalists -- that a wave of “Third World” invaders is coming to replace you and reshape your country, and you, the audience, should do something about it. The segment drew widespread condemnation, including a statement from the Anti-Defamation League CEO calling for Carlson’s removal from Fox.

Carlson has often used his show to launder white nationalist ideology, and his recent attachment to the “great replacement” conspiracy theory, “white genocide” narratives, and race war fearmongering is the culmination of years of violent and racist rhetoric.


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  • Carlson told conspiracy theorist Alex Jones that the Obama administration was pushing “Nazi” politics.

    During a guest appearance on The Alex Jones Show, Carlson told host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones that the Obama administration was engaging in “Nazi stuff” by using ethnic politics. [5/20/15]

  • Carlson compared affirmative action to slavery, Jim Crow, and Japanese internment.

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 12/21/16]

  • While ranting about “more than 350,000 migrants … from the Third World” arriving in Europe, Carlson referred to the refugees as an “invasion” that was changing Europe’s demographics.

    Carlson reported that “more than 7,000 African migrants” had arrived in Italy in the days prior, and he warned that “many of them will remain, some for generations, as beneficiaries of European welfare states.” He said that the refugees arrived “without invitation, illegally, and at public expense” and fearmongered that they would “forever and profoundly change the demographics of the continent in ways that pretty much nobody who was born there ever asked for or wanted.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 4/17/17]

  • Carlson compared the push to remove Confederate statues to the extremism of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and Mao Zedong in China.

    Days after the deadly white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Carlson accused activists pushing to remove Confederate statues from public spaces of “trying to delegitimize the U.S. government and the traditions of American society because they don't believe in them.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 8/15/17]

  • Carlson claimed that striving for diversity “gets you to civil war.”

    During a discussion of the 2017 Emmy awards ceremony, Carlson bizarrely attacked actor and director Issa Rae for saying she was rooting for Black people to win, saying that is “opposite of diversity." Carlson also claimed that advocating for diversity in society “gets you to civil war.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 9/18/17]

  • Carlson referred to the victims of a New York terrorist attack as “martyrs to a diversity cult worshiped by our ruling class.”

    In response to a deadly terror attack in New York City allegedly carried out by an immigrant who came to the U.S. on a diversity visa, Carlson claimed the victims were “martyrs to a diversity cult worshiped by our ruling class” and accused “this country's leaders” of deciding “that diversity, in and of itself, is of greater importance than the well-being of this country's people.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 11/1/17]

  • Carlson attacked immigration and ethnic diversity for “radically and permanently changing our country."

    While slamming Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for saying that “diversity is our strength,” Carlson claimed, “Our leaders are radically and permanently changing our country, wholly on the basis of their faith that diversity is, in fact, our strength.” He then said diversity would lead people to “hate each other.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 1/18/18]

  • Carlson used white nationalist talking points to fearmonger about “race-based land seizures” in South Africa.

    Carlson described land reform in South Africa -- a program to redistribute unequal land ownership that is a legacy of apartheid -- as “literally the definition of racism.” (He neglected to mention that the lands had been forcefully taken from Black South Africans during apartheid.) In response, Trump tweeted that he would be directing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to look into the matters. White supremacists celebrated the segment and Trump’s tweet, as they have long used race war fearmongering about South Africa to serve their narrative of white oppression. [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 8/22/18]

  • Carlson attacked American diversity, saying that it makes “marriage or military units” less cohesive.

    In a monologue attacking the value of diversity in American society that echoed white nationalist talking points, Tucker pitted “diversity” and “freedom of speech” against each other and suggested that “racial discrimination and hatred” against white people is “acceptable, even encouraged” in today’s society. After the segment prompted widespread criticism, Carlson attempted a defense on Twitter. White supremacists online celebrated the segment and said they agreed with Carlson. [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 9/7/18]

  • Carlson warned his audience about threats of white “genocide.”

    Carlson claimed that a professor’s angry tweet about then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), that received considerable attention from white nationalists, was really about “genocide.” (The conspiracy theory that “white genocide” is afoot is a common trope of white supremacists.) [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 10/1/18]

  • Carlson compared Democrats to the genocidal “Hutu leaders in Rwanda.”

    Carlson claimed that philanthropist Tom Steyer was instigating “tribal warfare posing as democracy” by saying “that Kavanaugh was installed by a specific racial group in order to hurt and disempower every other racial group in America.” Carlson continued by claiming that was “exactly the kind of things that Hutu leaders in Rwanda were saying in the early 1990s.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 10/8/21]

  • Carlson claimed that “we’re being invaded” at the southern border, declaring, “This is how countries collapse.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 4/9/19]

  • Carlson said racial equity training in New York City schools is evidence that “Jim Crow is making a vigorous comeback.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 5/28/19]

  • Carlson spread a conspiracy theory popular with white supremacists and claimed The New York Times wants white South African farmers murdered.

    Carlson claimed the country is experiencing “racist violence, as brutal and horrifying and indefensible as anything that happened under apartheid,” due to a policy of “race-based land seizures.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 6/3/19]

  • Carlson argued that it’s racist and disgusting to want more diversity in Congress.

    He singled out Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and claimed that “the argument Tlaib is making” for Democratic leaders to uplift the voices of women of color in Congress is akin to her saying “give us power because of our skin color.” Carlson called Tlaib’s desire for diversity “a racist pitch” and compared it to white candidates asking for votes because of their race during Jim Crow. [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 6/3/19]

  • Carlson claimed criticism of white supremacy is “destroying the country. This is the path to civil war, obviously.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 8/7/19]

  • Carlson said, “The long-term agenda of refugee resettlement is to bring in future Democratic voters.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 1/3/20]

  • Discussing nationwide demonstrations against racism and police brutality, Carlson warned, “Violent young men with guns will be in charge. They will make the rules, including the rules in your neighborhood.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 6/2/20]

  • Carlson and his guest agreed the time for “vigilante justice” against protesters is near.

    Guest Bryan Dean Wright claimed that “the country is on fire” and “facing an insurrection by ... violent leftist thugs” armed “with firebombs, they are back with bricks in our suburbs, in our downtowns.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 6/4/20]

  • Carlson said Democrats are trying to replace Trump-supporting police with an armed “woke militia” to patrol neighborhoods, comparing it to “the Third World.”

    He invited his audience to “imagine if the diversity and inclusion department at Brown University had the power to arrest you. Imagine if the Black Lives Matter rioters had weapons and immunity from prosecution.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 6/8/20]

  • Carlson turned to a racist anti-abortion myth about “Black genocide” to downplay police brutality against Black people.

    In an attempt to delegitimize protests against police brutality following the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other Black Americans, Carlson argued that Democrats and reproductive rights advocates ignore the real problem of “Black genocide” through abortion. [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 6/8/20 and 6/9/20]

  • Carlson said Black Lives Matter protests are an “insidious” and growing attempt “to end liberal democracy and challenge Western civilization itself.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 6/22/20]

  • Carlson claimed, “When they do it to you, it's social justice. If you dare to defend yourself, it's a hate crime.”

    Positing what he described as “theoretical questions, obviously,” he asked whether it’s OK to “spray paint obscenities on Martin Luther King's monuments if you don't like him.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 6/23/20]

  • Carlson said, “You may not think tearing down a statue is a big deal, until you are the next designated Christopher Columbus.”

    He asked, “If they can tear down statues whenever they feel like it, how long before they tear down buildings, how long before they tear down homes? How long before they tear down human beings?” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 7/24/20]

  • Carlson defended alleged vigilante shooter Kyle Rittenhouse by saying, “How shocked are we that 17-year-olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would?”

    Days later, he hosted Rittenhouse’s lawyer for a softball interview. [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 8/26/20]

  • Carlson called the Black Lives Matter movement “the actual armed militia of the Democratic Party.”

    He added that Democratic leaders “are more ruthless than you can even understand. They will burn down your cities and tell you that you did it. And if you don't accept that judgment, maybe they will send BLM to your house.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 8/31/20]

  • Carlson described Black Lives Matter as “poison” and said, “If we're going to survive as a country, we must defeat this.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 9/10/20]

  • Carlson claimed COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan is “eugenics” against white people.

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 12/18/20]

  • Carlson claimed, “The Democratic coalition is built on shared genetics. The basic idea is that everyone who is not a straight white man must be united.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 1/13/21]

  • Carlson warned his audience that they could be targets of “war on white supremacists.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 1/20/21]

  • Carlson defended white supremacists from being labeled as domestic terrorists, telling his audience, “Keep in mind they’re talking about American citizens. They’re talking about you.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 1/26/21]

  • Carlson claimed President Joe Biden will release MS-13 gang members “into your neighborhood.”

    He added, “This is all real, and we will see cases like that, guaranteed.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 2/8/21]

  • Carlson described Biden’s immigration policy as “reckless and destructive” and “an act of aggression” meant “to punish you.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 2/8/21]

  • Carlson: Immigrants are being brought in as new citizens “to replace the disobedient ones.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 3/16/21]

  • Carlson warned viewers that immigration will “change your country forever, possibly for the worse.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 3/25/21]

  • Carlson said the immigrants currently in America “devalue your political power” and “subvert democracy.”

    Carlson argued that the number of immigrants in the U.S. is “high enough to devalue your political power as a voter. It's high enough to subvert democracy itself. It's high enough to make this country a different place.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 4/5/21]

  • Carlson claimed that corporate diversity policies lead to “warring tribes fighting each other for the spoils.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 4/7/21]

  • Carlson gave a passionate defense of “white replacement theory.”

    He said, “If you suggest that the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate, … they become hysterical because that's what's happening, actually. Let's just say it: That's true." [Fox News Primetime, 4/8/21]

  • After widespread backlash, Carlson defends his support and promotion of white supremacist “replacement” theory.

    “Let’s say that again for emphasis, because it is the secret to the entire immigration debate: Demographic change is the key to the Democratic Party’s political ambitions.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 4/12/21]

  • On his Fox Nation show, Carlson and Adam Carolla warn of looming violent reaction from white people if “identity politics” continue.

    [Tucker Carlson Today, 4/16/21]

  • Carlson again invoked the white supremacist “replacement theory.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 4/21/21]

  • Carlson called the 1965 Immigration Act, which eliminated national-origin quotas that heavily favored European immigrants, “the worst attack on our democracy in 160 years.”

    For more on the 1965 law, see here. [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 4/29/21]

  • Carlson compared Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to Nazis and warned that she will target white people if Chicago police round up the population.

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 5/19/21]

  • Carlson accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of setting aside public health concerns in favor of “changing the demographic mix to favor the Democratic Party.”

    [Tucker Carlson Today, 5/21/21]

  • Carlson claimed Democrats are “trying to change the population in the United States, and they hate it when you say that because it's true.”

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 5/24/21]

  • Carlson and Charles Murray discussed the validity of race science and speculated that a race war is possible in the U.S.

    [Tucker Carlson Today, 6/16/21]

  • With an “ANTI-WHITE MANIA" graphic displayed on the screen, Carlson said that something must be done to “save this country before we become Rwanda."

    [Tucker Carlson Tonight, 6/24/21]