Fox's Tucker Carlson Rants About The “Invasion” Of Refugees That Are Changing Europe’s Demographics

Tucker Carlson: “They Will Forever And Profoundly Change The Demographics” Of Europe “In Ways That Pretty Much Nobody Who Was Born There Ever Asked For, Or Wanted”

From the April 17 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Strikingly few news outlets in this country have covered it, but the invasion of Europe intensified this weekend. In a record setting couple of days, more than 7,000 African migrants arrived in Italy. They came by boat rescued from stormy Mediterranean seas by the Italian coast guard and also various international aid organizations.

They were not returned to Libya where they departed from, but dropped instead on Italian soil where many of them will remain, some for generations as beneficiaries of European welfare states. Amazingly, the same groups abetting all this have then accused the European Union of endangering lives by not more actively picking up more migrants from the sea, and importing them into Europe. It's much like how you are to blame for endangering a burglar by locking your front door.

Last year, more than 350,000 migrants arrived in Europe from the third world, and many no doubt were good people, and their desperation is of course easy to understand given where they came from. That does not alter fact that they arrived without invitation illegally and at public expense, and that they will forever and profoundly change the demographics of the continent in ways that pretty much nobody who was born there ever asked for, or wanted, but that nobody is allowed to complain about for fear of being attacked as immoral. It's a huge deal, but hardly anyone ever mentions it. Does that sound familiar to you as an American? It ought to.


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