Tucker Carlson spreads conspiracy popular with white supremacists and claims The New York Times wants white South African farmers murdered

Carlson: “Last year, The New York Times called this show 'immoral' for even suggesting that farm murders might be a problem”

From the June 3 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Last summer we told you about the plight of farmers in South Africa. Hundreds of them have been killed in recent years, some after suffering horrific torture.

Instead of protecting the farmers, the government of South Africa has worked to change its country's laws in order to seize their land without compensation. Skin color is a central motivation here, nobody denies that. Let's be clear about what's happening.

This is racist violence, as brutal and horrifying and indefensible as anything that happened under apartheid.

The difference is at this time, the western media are cheering it on.

Bloomberg has published articles suggesting that race-based land seizures will somehow super charge the South African economy, when, of course, the opposite is true. Zimbabwe tried that and became the poorest country in the world -- but whatever. Nobody in American journalism wants to hear about it.

Last year, The New York Times called this show “immoral” for even suggesting that farm murders might be a problem.

But there's one problem for the Times -- their own interview subjects are getting murdered. Just this past March, the Times profiled a South African farmer Stefan Schmidt. Schmidt's land had been overrun by a mob that had built a shantytown and refused to leave. Schmidt told the newspaper that he received death threats, including a threat to, quote, “burn him alive.” He said he had been intimidated into selling his land to local government officials.

The article featured quotes from political activists openly attacking Schmidt on the basis of his skin color. Despite that, the Times once again concluded that it's, quote, “false” to say that farm murders are a real problem.

Well, yesterday four men broke in to Schmidt's home while he was having dinner with his family. They shot him dead, and then they left. His was the second farm murder in the Western Cape Province in the last month.

According to the New York Times, they deserved it.


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