Tucker Carlson: “We're being invaded” at the southern border - “this is how countries collapse” 

From the April 9 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): As of tonight we have nearly 175,000 active duty personnel serving overseas. American troops are posted in 158 different countries. For perspective, there are only 195 countries, total, on the entire planet. We're almost everywhere. This map might give you a sense of the scale of it. Keep in mind there is no world war currently in progress. This is what we've signed up for in peacetime. And yet you may notice that there is one place American troops are not. They are not on our southern border protecting us. They should be. We could use them. Tens of millions of illegal immigrants already live here in the United States. We don't know the exact number, we don't even know who they are. They just show up. And 100,000 more are showing up every month. Over time, this is how countries collapse. Max Boot doesn't think that's a crisis. Nobody in Washington thinks it's a crisis. As far as they're concerned, illegal immigration is just some right wing talking point that Trump throws at his base at rallies in Grand Rapids. 


We're being invaded. No offense to the Ethiopian Navy, but we could use American troops a lot closer to Tijuana than the Horn of Africa. Max Boot and his friend scoff at this. Troops on our own border? Protecting our own people? That's disgusting, immoral, it's fascism! Only in Washington do people believe that. 


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