Tucker Carlson: George Soros has built “a program of destruction aimed at the West”

Carlson: “Western civilization is his target”

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Citation From the January 25, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): So, I'm going to ask a super naive question because that's what I do. I'm, like everybody here, infuriated by the funding of these progressive D.A.s by the Soros' Open Society or whatever it is called, so I looked them up and I go, okay, he actually sounds like in the 80s, -- I remember in the '80 how beloved he was because he helped with the fall of USSR if my memory is correct and I remember reading about it, National Review and the American Spectator.

And I am reading about his past and I go, his dad was in Siberia in a Siberian prison, he escaped from Nazi Germany, he helped with the fall of USSR. Does -- is he aware that his money is being used to destroy America? Is it something where he is not paying attention to because he is in his 90s? I told you it was a naive question.

TUCKER CARLSON: Well, I wouldn't just say America, I would say the West. Western civilization is his target. And I know a lot of people who know Soros personally, and some people who have done business with him. Every single person knows him says this is one of the smartest most interesting people in the world, and I believe it and I'm impressed by it.

But his program for the past 15 years at least has been to make the societies he focuses on more dangerous, dirtier, less democratic, more disorganized, more at war with themselves, less cohesive. In other words it's a program of destruction aimed at the west. Now, I don't -- I don't know what his motive is, I'm certainly not going to guess. People are complicated, he clearly is, but that's what that program is. So, let's not pretend it's a political program, it's not. Increasing the number of murders in a country? What is that? It's an attack on the country, and that's what he's doing.