Tucker Carlson demands the military be deployed to the southern border to fight immigrants

Carlson: “That’s why countries have militaries, to stop invasions”

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Citation From the March 17, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): The wave grows, the total transformation of this country accelerates. So, we've been very passive in the face of this. People make grumpy noises about it. No one's done anything.

How should we respond? Well, the same way we respond to any other invasion, with the U.S. Military. That's why countries have militaries, to stop invasions, and this would not be a hard invasion to stop.

Our military could seal the border with Mexico in days. That would save American lives, it would restore order and it would end the invasion. Does that sound crazy? Like a misuse of the U.S. Military?

Well, keep in mind that Nancy Pelosi called in the U.S. military to protect her from Trump voters at the U.S. Capitol. She treated our soldiers like her personal security detail.

And then of course at this very moment we are sending thousands of American troops and billions in American military hardware to Eastern Europe to help the Ukrainians restore their borders. So, the obvious question is, why not here?

Why not take America's safety, your family's safety, as seriously as Nancy Pelosi takes her own safety? That seems like a fair question. Probably not Russian disinformation, probably an honest question.