Media Matters is now accepting freelance submissions from outside contributors. We’re looking to broaden the range of voices featured on our website and expand our coverage of media and politics. If you are interested in writing for us and have a story you want to pitch, here’s how you can do it.  

Get to know us

Before you send along your pitch, check out and get acquainted with who we are and what we write about. Our goal is to provide media analysis, criticism, and commentary, so please make sure your pitch has a clear and coherent media angle.

Pitch us

Send your story ideas to submissions [at]

An ideal pitch will be concise, direct, and (where possible) backed up by initial research or reporting. Please do not send us fully written pieces -- our editors prefer to work with writers to shape story ideas, refine angles, and help create a piece that everyone will be happy with. We do not reprint pieces that have already been published elsewhere.

Media Matters pays our writers competitively, with compensation rates varying depending on the type of piece

Surprise us

We’re interested in original reporting and trenchant analysis from a broad spectrum of voices and perspectives. Do you have an angle on a story that we haven’t covered or even considered? Pitch us on it! Have you spied a gap in our coverage of an issue? Be the one to fill in that gap! Is there a story that we should be covering but aren’t? Cover it for us!

We are not looking for rapid-response submissions or quick-hit pieces on whatever crazy thing Sean Hannity said last night. We have a team of professional and diligent researchers tasked with those jobs. But if you are interested in that sort of work, check out

Impress us

If you have expertise in a given subject area that uniquely qualifies you to cover that issue, please let us know. If you’ve been published elsewhere, send along some samples of your writing. We’re more apt to approve your pitch if you can demonstrate that you’re the right person to write the story.