Tucker Carlson says America will be “invaded" by “millions” of Afghan refugees

Carlson: “So, first we invade, and then we're invaded”

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Citation From the August 16, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): The people who made the Afghan occupation possible would like to see a lot more of our southern border, much more unrestrained immigration to the U.S.

“Bring in the refugees," they're screaming, “tonight!" That's the only lesson they're taking from this debacle. 

Quote: “America must not stand idly by," Mitt Romney tweeted today. “The president must urgently rush to defend, rescue, and give and expand asylum. There is no time to spare."

There's lots of time to spare as Americans die of fentanyl ODs and millions of foreign nationals whose identities we can't confirm moved here, but when it comes to bringing Afghans to our country, there's no time to spare. And Liz Cheney firmly agrees with that. So does her friend Bill Kristol, and Nancy Pelosi, and Victoria Nuland at the State Department, and so many more, so many more just like them. 

These are the architects of the disaster we are watching unfold on television. They should be groveling for our forgiveness, but they're not. Why? Because contrition requires decency. There's no chance. 

So, we're getting it and if history is any guide -- and it's always a guide -- we will see many refugees from Afghanistan resettle in our country in coming months, probably in your neighborhood. And over the next decade, that number may swell to the millions. So, first we invade, and then we're invaded. It is always the same.