Tucker Carlson: Democrats are deliberately importing violent felons into the country to vote for them

Carlson: “This is an intentional act. This is the administration bringing in felons, violent criminals into our country on purpose. Why would you do something like that? Only to destroy it”

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Citation From the August 11, 2021 edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST):  Well, that former I.C.E. official, Thomas Feely retiring over what he calls the administration's refusal to enforce the law. Also claiming activists from non-profits routinely weigh in, and stop deportations.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): And now Tucker Carlson exclusively obtaining e-mails confirming this. Like this one that you see on your screen, from a member of the abolish I.C.E. movement, urging I.C.E. to block the deportation of a convicted felon.

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Wow. The request was ultimately forwarded along by I.C.E. Director Tae Johnson, who requested a 14-day stay of removal to which an official responded "Will do." Tucker Carlson joins us now. Another scandal involving the border. Tucker, this is unbelievable. A lot of these whistleblowers feel at home on your show. That's the ultimate reward, don't you think?

TUCKER CARLSON (FOX NEWS HOST): Yeah, I mean, you know what this tells you honestly? What's happening at the border is not a crisis. A crisis is a flood in Bangladesh, it's an act of God. This is an intentional act. This is the administration bringing felons, violent criminals into our country on purpose. Why would you do something like that? Only to destroy it. I mean, there's no other explanation for this. It's not an act of compassion. It's an act of hostility against the United States in order to change it forever. I think this is the greatest scandal of my lifetime, what's happening on the border right now.

DOOCY:  Well absolutely, although, you've heard Secretary Mayorkas, Tucker, says the strategy is working, which makes you wonder, what is the strategy?

CARLSON:  Right. Well, the strategy is to change the demographics of the country. When you say that, they have a heart attack and call you names, but they say it out loud. I mean, they say it on the floor of the Senate, Dick Durbin did two weeks ago. This country is changing in a way that benefits the Democratic party. More Democratic voters. There's no other upside in this policy. By the way, it doesn't help the people coming from around the world. There's a humanitarian disaster unfolding thanks to the Biden administration. The only beneficiaries are the people who run the Democratic party and this is an effort to change the country, and we should be honest about it and not be bullied into silence as they take our country away and import violent criminals, what?

EARHARDT: What is the benefit of that though. I've heard Republicans say it's to turn Arizona and Texas blue, but what's the benefit of allowing felons to come in?

CARLSON: Well, you know, for the same reason that they push to allow felons to vote is the same reason they're doing this. They believe these are their voters. Look at their behavior, not what they say. If you want to know the truth about something, put earmuffs on and just watch the person talking to you. What's he doing and what they are doing is bringing in people they think will vote for them, and I don't know, that is an attack on democracy. It's the definition of it, when you change the electorate you change the outcome. You disempower the people who live here. You take their votes away. That's what they are doing. Why is no one saying anything about this?

KILMEADE:  But Tucker, you know what I'm heartened by? I'm playing this out, it's going to blow up in Democrats' faces and you saw it in the last election. More Hispanic votes went Donald Trump than ever before and people who live in those areas who are Hispanic want to be Americans first and they see this is hurting their country, and if people think that Hispanics are going to go to Democrats, I think it's game on, because it's not.

CARLSON: Well, I think that's exactly why they are doing this because they saw in the last election results that people with Spanish last names on the border are just Americans like everybody else and they don't want their country wrecked either. Just because they have a Hispanic last name doesn't mean they are for this craziness. They're not, and they voted against it. So the Democrats need to import new people and it doesn't matter what racial or ethnic group they are from. They are from other countries, Democrats are bringing them here, purely to vote for them. Purely.