Tucker Carlson: Criticizing white supremacy is “destroying the country. This is the path to civil war”

Carlson: “This country is not on the brink of genocide. It's not even close to that”

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Citation From the August 7 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): The left is now telling you and demanding that you believe that anyone who supports Donald Trump is a white supremacist and must be destroyed.

Now, they are telling you that for political reasons. This is election season, obviously, and they want more political power. But there are other reasons too that they are saying this. Ever wonder why rich people seem the most hysterical on the subject?

Ever notice that it is the highest-paid people on television who are the most determined to convince you that white supremacy is America's biggest problem? Why is that? Simple. Every minute you're angry about race is a minute you're not thinking about class, which of course is the real divide in this country.

Working class people of all colors have a lot more in common, infinitely more in common with each other than they do with some overpaid MSNBC anchor. And if you're allowed to think about that for long enough, you might start to get unauthorized ideas about economics, and that would be disruptive to a very lucrative status quo.

So, they whip you into a frenzy of racial fear so that it never enters your mind. It's a diversion. Everyone else hates each other, they get to keep their money. Pretty tricky. Unfortunately, it's also destroying the country.

This is the path to civil war, obviously.

So, we want to take a second to pass on a sincere message to official Washington, and particularly to our colleagues on the other cable news channels, and it's this: please, for the sake of the nation, calm down.


This is a time of frustration and it's ta time of change. It's a hard time for America. But this country is not on the brink of genocide. It's not even close to that. This is not a white supremacist country, plotting the slaughter of its own people.