More Ironic Conservative Complaints About Using "Dictator"

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And what's so funny is conservatives are utterly blind to the double standard in play here.

As we noted last night, Glenn Beck and others are outraged that some union protesters rallying against budget cuts in Wisconsin are waving signs labeling the state's Republican governor a "dictator."

How dare they??

Of course, the pundits now complaining are the same bright minds who have alternately spent the last two years denouncing the President of The United States as a dictator.

Now adding to the hit parade of offended observers is conservative John Hinderaker at Powerline. Behold his insight [emphasis added]:

A common theme of the union demonstrators in Madison today was that Governor Walker is a "dictator." This showed up on sign after sign. It sheds light, I think, on how public union members in particular, and liberals in general, think. What is going on here is that the voters of Wisconsin have elected a Republican Governor and--overwhelmingly--a Republican legislature, precisely so that they can get the state's budget under control.

Playing the dictator card "sheds a light" on how liberals think, claims Hinderaker, speaking on behalf of a movement that's been calling Obama a dictator for two years running.

Ironic, dontcha think?

Hinderaker goes on to argue that it's not dictators liberals dislike, it's democracy. Of course, last time I checked Obama was democratically elected. In fact, he won in an electoral landslide. And in 2008, Democrats democratically won control of the House and the Senate. Yet the Obama-hating chorus has been calling the president a dictator for nearly 100 weeks now. So what gives?

On that point, Hinderaker offers no insight. Instead, he just plays dumb.

John Hinderaker
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