Media Matters’ new look

Welcome to the brand-new

Media Matters has been calling out right-wing misinformation on our website since 2004, when the web looked a little different. Since those early days, we’ve exposed and prevented right-wing media manipulation, pushed Glenn Beck off of Fox News’ airwaves (and Bill O’Reilly after him), helped to stop conservative propaganda outlet Sinclair Broadcast Group from a potentially massive acquisition of Tribune Media stations, and continued to attach a massive cost to Fox News’ rank extremism and partisan propaganda.

Over the years, we’ve devoted the majority of our resources to the core work of our truth-telling mission: monitoring, research, and analysis of the right-wing media. But now, we’re excited to pair our work with a refreshed website that will amplify our reach and impact even further.

You’ll spot lots of changes: The new site is easier to use on any device (phone, tablet, desktop computer, and more), supports high-definition video, and features new ways to filter, sort, explore, and debunk the right-wing media universe. 

The new design would not have been possible without the work of Aten Design Group, our in-house team including Media Matters graphic design manager Sarah Wasko, and countless other contributors and members of our communities who added their voices to this process.

We’re eager to know what you think and welcome your feedback as we continue to improve the site. Something not working for you? Please report bugs to us at