Now Beck Is Offended By Dictator Comparisons


During his Thursday night show, Glenn Beck expressed a fair amount of outrage over "pictures and signs and videos that are dominating the protests [in Wisconsin]: comparisons of the governor with Hitler, Mubarak -- claims that he is a dictator." He went on to praise Michelle Malkin for "thankfully ... focusing her attention" on that. In a series of posts on her blog, Malkin attacked "union thugs" for calling Gov. Scott Walker " 'the dictator' governor, 'Hosni Walker,' and 'Mubarak of the Midwest.' "

Beck also aired a clip of President Obama saying, "I think it's important not to vilify" state workers, and asked: "Is it important to point out that we shouldn't vilify the people that are comparing the governor of the state to Mubarak?"

But here is Beck from two weeks ago, comparing Obama to a dictator:

BECK: Did anybody notice the remarkable statements from the president last week where the president was saying, look, as long as people are peacefully assembling, they have a right to speak and the government should listen to them. All of -- when he's saying that, all I can think of was the speech where he's walking around going, "And they're carrying tea bags," and mocking the American people.

And then, while they're pushing for an Internet kill switch for the president, that does not have judicial review -- in fact, it specifically says courts cannot review the decision. While they're pushing for that in our own Congress on Friday, he's telling Mubarak, anybody who tries to control the Internet and television and radio, that's a sign of a dictator. Come on.

And Malkin:

Oh, and about those Hitler comparisons? I think this is all that needs to be said.

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