Newsmax host calls indictments over fake electors in Arizona “tyrannical” while guest Rudy Giuliani says that Christina Bobb took the lead in that state

Bobb was covering the 2020 election for OAN at the time Giuliani refers to; she has since been hired by the RNC

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Citation From the April 25, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Rob Schmitt Tonight

RUDY GIULIANI (GUEST): Now, I don't know what it's like out in Arizona. I know from the investigation that I did, they've got some pretty darn corrupt areas in Arizona. And I do know they messed around tremendously with that election. And it wasn't the only election they've messed around in. By that, I mean, cheat.

So I could — let's get straight about it. Now —

ROB SCHMITT (HOST): When you say that, go into that a little bit.

GIULIANI: Well, I didn't spend as much time on Arizona as I did, let's say, with Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. I know those better. I used Christina Bobb, to a large extent, and I'm not putting anything off on Christina. Christina said it happened, it's probably even more accurate than if I said it happened.

But, Christina kept me apprised all the time. And, here's the funny thing. I went out there and I presented the evidence that we had. And, some of the older prosecute — the older Republicans, particularly the RINOs, didn't wanna do anything about it. You got a McCain split there too.


GIULIANI: They get a PhD in election fraud, which is why, when Biden said he had a great team on election fraud, he was literally and figuratively correct.

SCHMITT: Let me ask you this. The fact that this attorney general in Arizona Is indicting attorneys for taking the case in Arizona. I mean, what? The message, the tyrannical warning that sends to anybody that wants to question an election, which was as shady as the 2020 election was, the message that sends out. Talk about that.

GIULIANI: Well, the message that they sent out is, as you say, tyrannical, dictatorial, fascist. It would happen in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. 

As Media Matters previously reported:

Furthermore, a former Trump campaign official has told CNN that Bobb had worked with Giuliani on the fake electors: “They were all working together. Rudy, John Eastman, and Christina Bobb, in tandem, to create this coverage for OAN, to advance the Big Lie.” (Eastman is the lawyer who drafted a memo calling for then-Vice President Mike Pence to unilaterally refuse to count Biden’s electoral votes.)

Giuliani has also said under oath in a civil deposition that the campaign “brought Christina on and she took over a lot of Michigan” and “eventually got involved in Georgia,” Arizona, and Nevada as part of the campaign’s work to overturn the election results in those states. “She came over to the campaign and she offered to help us,” Giuliani also explained, and that she had “gathered a lot of information” as a reporter.

Bobb’s legal work with the campaign raised some obvious red flags about how journalism is supposed to work. For example, Bobb sent an email to Arizona state Senate President Karen Fann in December 2020 about supposed election fraud — specifically saying that she was acting on Giuliani’s behalf — and since then has interviewed Fann on the air about continued efforts to investigate the election.