Fox News' Mark Levin defends Donald Trump's fake electors scheme

Levin: “There's nothing criminal, there's nothing obstructive about it”

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Citation From the April 25, 2024, edition of Fox News' Hannity

MARK LEVIN (GUEST): Since the beginning of this country, since elections, we have never had a situation where elections have been criminalized by the government. They talk about fake electors -- in 1876, three Republican states had a second set of electors. They're not fake electors, they're electors that are set. Congress makes the final decision. There's nothing criminal, there's nothing obstructive about it.

A president or a candidate calling a speaker of the House, calling a board of elections official, calling a governor -- so what? Big deal. They're allowed to do that. That's not obstruction, that's not a crime either. Or trying to get a legislature to bring the laws back to what they were before the Democrats ruined their litigating, that's not a crime either. But you know what? We keep talking about overturning election. An election is decided by the United States Congress that meets in joint session to count the Electoral College vote.