Life inside the Village. Or, the Ed Henry debacle

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In retrospect, we should have posted odds going into Obama's press conference on the likelihood that the next day the press would make the press--not necessarily Obama--a big part of the story. And let me tell you, those would have been pretty good odds.

So no, we're not surprised that CNN's Ed Henry has written at a first-person, insider account of his brief, and frankly uneventful, "back-and-forth" with Obama from Tuesday night. (Or Henry's "incoherent barrage of mostly pointless/redundant questions," as Gawker put it.)

CNN Headline: "Behind the scenes: Ed Henry's take on exchange with Obama." (Isn't the "behind the scenes" part priceless? Very VH1, we think.)

The piece is all about Henry's pre-debate "strategy" regarding which "provocative" question he was going to ask, and how he wanted to "make news" that night. See this Politico piece from earlier this week, which glorifies the pre-game stretching and warm-ups WH scribes now do before press conferences and how we're supposed to actually care what goes into reporters forming and crafting their rather ordinary White House queries.

Still, it doesn't get much more cringe-worthy than this, from Henry:

The pressure was on now because the president had called on me. Someone handed me a microphone, millions were watching, and it's scary to think about changing topic in a split second because you might get flustered and screw up.

Good God, isn't it his job to ask questions at White House press conferences? It wasn't like somebody suddenly asked Henry to jump out of an airplane Tuesday night.

UPDATE: We almost forgot the best/worst part from Henry's incestuous diary entry:

But on Tuesday night, as I sat in the front row nervously reviewing my hypothetical questions written out in longhand (decidedly old school), I kept thinking back to a conversation I had with Wolf Blitzer Saturday night at the Gridiron dinner.

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