Fox News hosts guest who has made antisemitic remarks and defended Holocaust denial

On April 25, Fox News hosted regular guest and extreme antisemite Hotep Jesus (born Bryan Sharpe) on Fox’s Gutfeld! program. He commented on the protests happening at university campuses across the country, which authorities and reporters have described as largely “peaceful.” Sharpe warning that there’s “a very clear danger … there’s an opportunity for people who are not of the university to embed themselves into the crowds and that presents a huge danger to people.”

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Citation From the April 25, 2024, edition of Fox News' Gutfeld!

Sharpe has previously appeared on Gutfeld, where he promoted a misogynistic dating blog.

Sharpe has made a name for himself in fringe right-wing media for his antisemitic views and defense of white supremacists. Here is an incomplete list of Sharpe’s previous problematic remarks:

  • Sharpe defended rapper Ye’s (formerly Kayne West) antisemitic remarks in 2022, arguing that Ye made his unhinged antisemitic comments on Infowars because no other platform gave him “room to vent.” [MMFA, 12/5/22]

  • In a YouTube video about the “Hotep, alt-right alliance,” Sharpe said: “Alt-right isn’t afraid to call out the Jews and their implications in the destruction of the Black community in America. It’s just the truth. You can’t call me antisemitic if it’s the truth. Go do your Googles on the Jews’ implications in slavery and the enslavement of Black people.” [YouTube, 2/8/17]

  • On a white supremacist YouTube channel, Sharpe implied that white supremacy was a myth spread by Jews who controlled the media: “The only thing that makes white supremacy a thought in people’s minds is the media, and the media is controlled by who? The only thing that makes white supremacy a thing is music, and it’s controlled by who? The movies, Hollywood, who controls that? Black people don’t control that. White people don’t control that. Our banking system, when we talk about, ‘People got sold out, banks got bailed out,’ well, who controls these banks?” [Right Wing Watch, 4/18/18; Daily Dot, 10/24/19]

  • In a blog post titled, ‘Making Sense of Charlottesville,’ Sharpe discussed the tiki torch protesters who reportedly chanted “Jews will not replace us.” by arguing that “Alt-right is the victim here.”: “The demonstration carried out by Alt-right was meant to be peaceful and began peacefully with their tiki torch ceremony. I personally didn’t feel threatened and didn’t feel an ounce of fear. Am I really supposed to be afraid of a bunch of wannabe Hitler college students? Ha! … The truth is, Alt-right is the victim here. These people chose to exercise their freedom to assemble and they were viciously attacked by ANTIFA goons. This group ANTIFA is probably being funded by the same people that were funding Black Lives Matter.” [Hotep Nation, 8/13/17; CNN, 10/26/21

  • Sharpe has repeatedly referred to supposed Jewish conspiracies, saying the “Jutang clan” runs America. In March 2018, Sharpe tweeted, “Trump don’t run America. He’s just a figure head. Jutang run America.” Sharpe has also said Jewish people are “ to blame for pornography, the deaths of Bill Cosby’s children and John F. Kennedy Jr., and the success of rapper Bhad Bhabie. When PayPal cut off funding streams for several far-right extremists, Sharpe tweeted, “Jutang Clan ain’t nothing to f*ck wit!” [Daily Beast, 7/27/18]

  • Sharpe also has used antisemitic dog whistles, such as the echo symbol used by white supremacists to indicate Jewishness. Sharpe tweeted, “People in power is always (((them))).” [Daily Beast, 7/27/18]

  • Sharpe tweeted that the idea of a “Holocaust denier” was created to “hide the truth.” [Daily Beast, 7/27/18]

  • In response to a tweet asking, “what is the hoteps views on jews in power? Is it planned takeover or happenstance?” Sharpe replied, “Glad you asked. Knowledge is power. Those who prioritize education will have more power. Jews go to Jewish built schools. Whites are indoctrinated in Rockefeller GOVERNMENT education. You don’t stand a chance.” [Twitter, 3/30/24]