What is wrong with these people?

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At some point, you have to wonder if there is something in the drinking water over at Newsbusters.

Here's Warner Todd Huston today:

Remember how during the run up to the election, all the left pundits and talking heads and their compatriots in the Old Media said that no white person would vote for Barack Obama?

Ah, no, Warner, I don't. Because it didn't happen.

the Old Media is still insisting that all southerners are slavery-loving, neo-confederates that are no different than they were in 1860.

Again: that simply isn't true.

For the Sunday Outlook section of The Washington Post, liberal Millsaps College professor Robert S. McElvaine announced in "The Red, the Blue and the Gray" that Barack Obama is "just like Lincoln" in the same way that Lincoln didn't get the south's vote in 1860.

The phrase "just like Lincoln" does not appear in the linked source. Nothing remotely like the phrase "just like Lincoln" appears in the linked source. Huston made it up.

Professor McElvaine also intimates that this is because the south is little different than it was in 1860.

Actually, McElvaine wrote "the legacy of slavery and the Civil War continue to cast a heavy shadow over the South." That isn't quite the same thing, but at least this time Huston is exaggerating McElvaine's point rather than making things up entirely. Progress!

But then he backslides:

Bet you southerners didn't know that you are all still slavers and racists, eh?

Nobody, except perhaps the voices in Warner Todd Huston's head, says "all" southerners are "still slavers and racists."

This is typical of Newsbusters - a lot of gnashing of teeth over things that just don't exist.

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