Speak for yourself, Alessandra Stanley

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The NYT scribes does her best to scrounge up news from yesterday's Hillary Clinton announcement. But all Stanley does is highlight the press' pathological refusal to deal with reality when covering the Clintons.

Here's Stanley, writing about the remarks Clinton made after Obama introduced her as his SoS pick:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's speech was no ordinary public-service pledge; for plenty of viewers, it was the moment when Mrs. Clinton finally conceded the election for real.

First off, my hunch is that most people assumed Clinton conceded the election "for real" when she, y'know, conceded the election in June. Or maybe when she endorsed Obama at the convention in August, or when she campaigned for him nationwide in October. But for The Village, it wasn't until December that Clinton conceded the election "for real."

Second, note the "plenty of viewers" language. We've noted this media trend before. Almost nobody in the real world shares the media's Clinton obsession, so in order to couch it as news, pundits simply pretend they're speaking for the masses, so Stanley goes with the "plenty of viewers."

Again it's just a hunch, but I think if you could find 100 people anywhere in the country who actually saw Clinton's SoS acceptance as her de facto election concession, then 95 of them probably work for elite media news orgs.

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