Who was Joe Scarborough talking about?

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This was quite revealing. On MSNBC, as Media Matters noted, Scarborough was going on about Christopher Hitchens' bout of Clinton Derangement Syndrome. Scarborough thought Hichene's utterly predictable and factually-challenged screed about why Clinton should not become SoS was all very important, blah, blah, blah.

But here's the interesting part. Note who Scarborough claimed Hitchens spoke for during his attack. I've highlighted the language below and I'm pretty sure if you substitute the phrase "the press," you actually hit the real truth.

Scarborough: "What he said may resonate with some of her critics."

By "some of her critics," he meant the press.

Scarborough: "Hitchens last night weighed in on it and basically spoke for a lot of Hillary detractors."

By "a lot of Hillary detractors," he meant the press.

Scarborough: "He talked about...concerns that a lot of Clinton detractors may be bringing up."

By "a lot of Clinton detractor," he meant the press.

That's the point we've been making for the last week as we've watched MoDo and Chris Matthews and David Broder and the rest of the Village elders raise a stink about Clinton joining the Obama administration. And our point is this: The press represents nobody but the press on this topic. Meaning, the press has no political cover on this story because there's no partisan angle to the SoS story, which means their long-running Clinton hatred is just sort of out there, exposed for all to see.

Think about. It's been virtually impossible to find any senior members of Congress--Republican or Democrat--who publicly oppose Clinton as the SoS, which in and of itself is rather astonishing.

And within the liberal blogosphere, where one might expect there to be vocal opposition to Clinton since so many within the netroots opposed her during the primaries, most A-list writers have been extremely quiet in terms of airing opposition. (Whether they oppose Clinton for the slot and have simply accepted the possibility, we don't know. But if bloggers were truly upset, we'd know about it.)

So, if you're keeping score at home, that means the Obama White House is in favor of Clinton, Republicans in Congress are in favor, Democrats in Congress are in favor, and liberal activists are, essentially, in favor. (And so are most Americans.)

So we go back to our original point. Who was Scarborough talking about when he kept referring to these detractors who Hitchens represented. Who were these SoS "critics"? Answer: Scarborough was talking about the Beltway press corps. And if the Beltway press corps thinks Clinton should not be SOS, then that's big news.

Just so you know.

P.S. Did you also laugh when Scarborough claimed, "the Obama campaign is dragging their feet" on Clinton as SoS?

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