Watch CNN’s Dana Bash Push Trump's Campaign Manager To Admit Trump Was Talking About Assault

Watch CNN’s Dana Bash Push Trump's Campaign Manager To Admit Trump Was Talking About Assault 

Bash: “Its What He Implied He Wanted To Do”


From the October 9 edition of CNN’s Debate Night in America:

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DANA BASH (HOST): Kellyanne, I’m going to ask you about what he said at the beginning of the debate. More than one time he referred once again to what he said on that tape as locker room talk. You're his campaign manager, the only woman at the head of that campaign. What did you think when you saw and you heard that? Truthfully, what was your reaction? 

KELLYANNE CONWAY: My initial reaction was very close to what Melania Trump said. I was offended and I think the language is offensive and disgusting and I'm also very happy that he apologized. I'm glad that he holds himself, excuse me, accountable because I look at the full measure of people, what they've said, what they've done, Dana, and how they deal with adversity that comes to them. And Donald Trump is absolutely correct. These are words compared to actions. And he made that very clear tonight that Hillary Clinton blaming and shaming the women in her husband's lives [sic], that is not somebody who is standing up for women. 

BASH: But the term locker room talk, you had the highest ranking woman in Congress, Republican woman, Kathy McMorris Rodgers blowing that off and saying, no no no, this is suggesting sexual assault and -- 

CONWAY: That's a very unfortunate phrase and people really should stop using it. 

BASH: Why? 

CONWAY: Because I know him better and I know better. 

BASH: But it's what he said. 

CONWAY: He did not say the word sexual assault.

BASH: No, its what he implied he wanted to do.


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