Steve Bannon goes on angry rant against Rep. Jim Jordan: “If you don't have a bayonet to the back of these guys, they're going to backslide on everything”

Bannon demands that Rep. Jordan (R-OH) go after special counsel Jack Smith, the DOJ, and others over Trump's prosecutions

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Citation From the April 24, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): We need to have Jordan move today, and, by the way, right now we don't need to include J6, we don't need to include Navarro, myself, anything else that's going on. We need a highly focused on Jack Smith, the Justice Department, Merrick Garland, and the White House.


The case is so convoluted that it's beyond the intellectual ability of the Manhattan DA's office to actually argue the overall architecture of the case. That's why Matthew Colangelo had to do it. He was seconded up there to be the guy that's the architect of this. That's why he has to argue it.

Now, I want to pivot. We're going to force Jordan to do that. We're already working behind the scenes and we're going to force Jordan to do that because all Jordan's given, and you can talk to the Trump team, all he's done is happy talk. He's blown off Elise Stefanik, he's blown off other people that are trying to get him to move and all he does is go on Hannity and this morning he sent out a despicable tweet about what the Democrats are — I don't want to hear anymore from you dude about what the Democrats do. I want to know what you're doing. I want to know what Jim Jordan is doing.

You're head of Judiciary, you've got stories today that Comer and him don't know where they're going, you haven't done the weaponization of government, you've done a terrible job on the impeachment, you haven't held the DOJ to account for anything, it's been absolutely an air ball, an air ball, for a year and a half for you as head of Judiciary. Okay?

All you've done is been a running dog for big tech because you're in big tech's back pocket. I got that, I understand that. Let's put that aside. You must take action. And President Trump has finally I think had enough of it, he actually put out a Truth Social today that said that. And he shouldn't have to ask for this. He shouldn't have to point it out. We shouldn't have to do it. I shouldn't have to take valuable airtime here, that we have so many other things to get to to hound you. To hound you. To hound you.

Because if you don't have a bayonet to the back of these guys, they're going to backslide on everything, you know why? Because they're gutless. He doesn't want to take all the nasty articles going to be about him and all the heat that's going to be about him and breaking down on the wrestling thing, he doesn't want to do anything. They're going to bring up all the Ohio State things, right? He doesn't want that. So he just goes along. He just goes along. It's called controlled opposition. This is what controlled opposition — they'll do some performative stuff. He'll go on Hannity and talk about some stuff, right? But nothing happens and this has got to happen.