Fox's Eric Bolling: "The Left" Is "More Like Al Qaeda" Than Charlie Hebdo

Fox's Eric Bolling: "The Left" Is "More Like Al Qaeda" Than Charlie Hebdo


From the January 9 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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FOX CO-HOST GREG GUTFELD: Bob, right now the left is leading the charge against free speech on campuses, through speech codes and hate speech, it's not Republicans, and you have liberal comedians, Patton Oswalt, Bill Maher, Chris Rock, are all talking about this. Right-wingers are not coming up with the speech codes and the hate speech. It's liberals who make a living with words who are now seeing this as a problem it's not just me. Eric, it seems like only there's a backlash, the backlash is when the tolerance freaks go after the victims of attacks, it's like they're worried about the attackers. 

FOX CO-HOST ERIC BOLLING: And you hit on it, David Brooks hit on it earlier today. You guys are 100 percent right. The people who at Brandeis University, Rutgers, Harvard, Berkeley, this year alone, who have killed free speech, who have actually had people disinvited to speeches they were going to make on their campuses, align more closely with the terrorists in Paris than they do with the people from Charlie Hebdo

FOX CO-HOST BOB BECKEL: I try not to brag about myself, but when I talked about the Muslims and they were killing Christians, I didn't hear people round this table talking about it.

BOLLING: Hold on, hold on, Bob, I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about the left. 

FOX CO-HOST KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: What are you saying? That is not true at all.

Bolling: But then they want to go ahead, and then these same people want to go ahead and wear these pins and tweet, Je suis Charlie, I am Charlie, no you're not, you're not, you're the opposite, you're more al Qaeda than you are Charlie. Bob, ok, you take on Muslims, but where are the people in charge. 

FOX CO-HOST DANA PERINO You didn't really mean that. You didn't really mean to say they're like al Qaeda more than -- 

BOLLING: I'm talking about the people who kill free speech. Who have Hirsi Ali not speak, who have Condi Rice not speak because they don't line up with their ideology. They have them thrown off campus, rather than hearing the First Amendment free speech that they have to deliver. 


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