White nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes celebrates his popularity and viewership numbers on Rumble

Rumble is a right-wing video hosting platform targeting young people

During the September 5 edition of white nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick FuentesAmerica First livestream, Fuentes celebrated his popularity and viewership numbers on the right-wing video hosting platform Rumble. 

“My show has been blowing up on Rumble,” Fuentes said. “I think I’m getting more viewership on the show maybe than ever before, believe it or not.” 

“The viewership on Rumble’s been great,” Fuentes continued. “My show on Friday didn’t have a big live viewership. … I think I got like 40, 45,000 views on Rumble.” 

“These shows are doing better even than even when I was on YouTube or DLive, so make sure you follow me on Rumble because the Rumble is taking off. I’ve been very happy that I’ve been able to maintain my platform there,” Fuentes said. “The Rumble has been such a boon to the show and I’m very pleased with how that’s been going.”

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Citation From the September 5, 2023, edition of America First

Rumble is attempting to grab the attention of mainstream and young audiences by signing deals with popular influencers and groups that speak to the interests of Gen Z and individuals outside of politics, including streamers, gamers, skateboarding leagues, and slap fighting competitions. Rumble is also attempting to become a staple in the right-wing media landscape and recently exclusively streamed a GOP presidential debate in collaboration with the Republican National Committee. 

If young users are going to Rumble for apolitical content, they still may be exposed to Fuentes’ white nationalism and extreme antisemitism. 

Rumble has also previously acted as a bridge to extremism for right-wing figures. For example, right-wing personalities have appeared on Rumble’s numerous QAnon conspiracy theory shows to promote their projects or campaigns.  

Fuentes currently has over 35,000 followers on Rumble and has recently had a strained relationship with the video-hosting site. Rumble previously removed an antisemitic July 16 speech from Fuentes calling for a “holy war” against Jewish people, which the platform reportedly labeled as “incitement to violence.” Fuentes claimed that he was suspended from streaming on Rumble for two weeks following the video’s removal, but was still allowed to upload videos. During that alleged suspension, he posted a video in which he fantasized about teaming up with Hitler to kill a Black man for littering. 

Rumble has previously profited off video content featuring Fuentes and has allowed him to profit from the platform. Fuentes' recent alleged success comes after the  “holy war” incident and making numerous antisemitic comments, including denying the Holocaust, repeatedly praising Hitler, and giving the Nazi “Sieg Heil” salute.