MMFA update on newspapers reporting House member votes on DeLay rule change


On November 19, Media Matters for America noted that of the newspapers that ran editorials condemning the recent vote by Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives to change ethics rules, several had neglected to inform their readers of how their local Republican representatives had voted or responded to questions about their vote.

Since MMFA identified such newspapers, the Minneapolis Star Tribune -- one of those singled out -- did investigate how Minnesota's Republican House members voted. Of those four members, one had opposed the rule change, one had not been present for the vote, and two were unwilling to disclose how they voted.

Other newspapers that have informed their readers about the action taken by local members of Congress include: the Anchorage Daily News; The Washington Post; the Asbury Park Press (New Jersey); the Washington Daily News (North Carolina); the Austin Post-Bulletin (Minnesota); the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (Texas); the Southeast Missourian; the Midland Daily News (Michigan); the Anniston Star (Alabama); and the Des Moines Register (Iowa).

No newspaper has given a full account of votes by the entire House Republican Caucus.

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