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MMFA Convention Coverage
Convention Aftermath
FAIR: Media Pack Stick to the Script at DNC
WSJ's Fund fabricated stats to bash Dem delegates, repeated old RNC smear of Kerry
NY Times distorted public opinion; overstated Bush's supposed advantage on terrorism
Distortions of post-DNC polls: Hannity on Bush's "significant lead"; NRO's Moran on Kerry "thud"; FOX's Hill wrong on Newsweek poll
Limbaugh distorted Scarborough's analysis of Kerry convention speech
MSNBC reported TNR's "July Surprise"; CNN's amnesia persisted
FOX's Big Story host misquoted Dem Party Platform
NYT's David Brooks, in NewsHour panel, falsely claimed Kerry said "Republicans don't value their families"
The Note distorted Washington Post's review of undecided voters' reactions to Kerry speech
FOX aired significantly less of Dem convention speeches than other cables
O'Reilly downplayed Wallace's ridicule of Teresa Heinz Kerry as Eva Perón: Nobody offended except for "Ms. magazine babes"
Tucker Carlson: Kerry's "plan for Iraq, such as it is, is to have dark skinned foreigners from the Middle East fight our war for us"
Washington Post ombudsman: readers angry over Lewinsky story morning after Clinton DNC speech
"Media Matters," week of July 30
FOX's Barone said Kerry audience was "silent" on military-strength line -- but they cheered
FOX "hard news" host: Kerry's Senate record "really is an area of great vulnerability"

MMFA Items
Washington Post ombudsman: readers angry over Lewinsky story morning after Clinton DNC speech
"Media Matters," week of July 30
FOX's Barone said Kerry audience was "silent" on military-strength line -- but they cheered
FOX "hard news" host: Kerry's Senate record "really is an area of great vulnerability"
NYT article on discredited Drudge story failed to report paper's own executive editor had debunked it
Carlson attempted to downplay Republican attacks on Cleland
Deficit deceit: Matthews falsely claimed "deficit is not being caused by tax cuts"
FOX talking heads obsessed with Democratic "hate"
CNN amnesia: Forgot TNR report on Bush plans when Al Qaeda suspect arrested during Dem Convention
Cables, right-wing radio ran with debunked Drudge charges on Kerry combat films
Savage commentary on Dem Convention: "Obergrupenführer Clinton," "Grupenführer Carter," "Brigadeführer Daschle," "dirtbag" Maya Angelou
Limbaugh's snow job on the Dem Convention
Mitchell and Fineman mimicked GOP talking points on Edwards's foreign policy experience
In "World Exclusive," Drudge dredged up discredited charge that Kerry filmed reenacted combat scenes for future political career
O'Reilly on Michael Moore's "power": "[T]his happened in Nazi Germany"
Tucker Carlson's amnesia: "Nobody prevented anyone from voting" in Florida
Savage rant: Compared Feldt to Goebbels; falsely claimed "illegal aliens" have voting rights
O'Reilly questioned if Kennedy would show up to convention ... as Kennedy spoke behind him
On CNN, Boortz falsely claimed Dems barred Carter from prior conventions
FOX hosts ridiculed Heinz Kerry speech; referenced Eva Perón; said Heinz Kerry "got off on a weird foot"
O'Reilly misled convention week audience about education spending
CNN anchor Kagan to retired Marine Dem Convention speaker: "Why are you not a Republican?"
Goldberg distorted poll of DNC delegates
Hannity echoed GOP claim that Kerry is "out of the mainstream"; facts show otherwise
Evita's Andersen and FOX's Hill: Hillary Clinton's 2008 aspirations shown through convention speech
Bozell repeated lie that Lay slept in Lincoln Bedroom during Clinton years
CNN's Miles O'Brien wants to see if Howard Dean "melts down or something"
FOX & Friends played up "shove it" flap; Heinz Kerry corrected the record on editor's remarks
O'Reilly lied about Howard Dean's Iraq position
Coulter spiked from USA Today: Why was she hired in the first place?
Carlson falsely claimed Clinton called half the country "wackos" in convention speech
Matthews won't take no for an answer: Continued "Hillary '08" obsession with seven consecutive questions
Cable news networks obsess over Teresa Heinz Kerry comment; downplay Tribune-Review's right-wing history
Frustrated by GOP guest's response, FOX's Jarrett answered his own leading questions
CNN's Bill Schneider painted misleading picture of Democratic delegates
Novak on Gore's "rants," "mean" Hillary Clinton, and "flesh-eating" DNC delegates
Carr lied about Dem Convention's impact on Boston's pregnant women, cancer patients
Pre-convention Clinton smears
On eve of Dem Convention, FOX News Sunday gave final say to Kerry-basher Howie Carr
O'Reilly's Dem Convention preview: Daschle's "no good"; Pelosi's a "nut"; Cleland's "strange"

CJR: CNN slavishly imitates FOX's "most dubious ploys and policies" at convention
Lewis in Hume "moved" by Edwards speech
Max Blumenthal: "Shove it" reporter is part of Scaife's longtime "Smother Teresa" campaign
Salon: USA Today kills ludicrous Ann Coulter story!
Confessore on the "FOXification-of-CNN"
CJR: "like a game of telephone," AP morphs Teresa Heinz Kerry incident into "factually incorrect" account
Washington Post's Kurtz: FOX News "blew off" Gore and Carter speeches -- "the kind of thing that makes critics question whether Fox has a Republican agenda"
Salon: TV coverage of Boston, day one, slanted skeptically against the Democrats
CJR: NYT doesn't back up assertion of Democratic "anger"
CAP: FNC at the DNC
LA Times: Dems wonder if FNC will give them a "fair shake"
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