More RedState reporting wizardry

Convinced that the possibly stolen contact list of emails and phone numbers belonging to ACORN's CEO represents the key that will unlock far-reaching empire that the cash-strapped ACORN represents, right-wing blogger Erick Erickson returns today with another installment in his (barely coherent) guilt-by-association marathon.

Following the leads provided by the magical contact list, Erickson thinks he's onto a blockbuster story which, to any sane observer, seems to be that activists often keep in touch with one another via phone calls and emails. But he's got bigger ideas. And boy, this contact list only convinces Erickson there's more to the story. Way more [emphasis added]:

For many years it has been speculated that SEIU [union] and ACORN share a common foundation. This seems to suggest as much. In fact, in at least one appearance on the contacts list, an SEIU official has an ACORN email address.

Jackpot. A single SEIU official has a single ACORN email address. Uncanny. It's like Erickson's now Woodward and Bernstein rolled into one.