Newsmax host and RedState amplify manipulated video of Joe Biden rally

Biden was at a rally in Minnesota. A Twitter user posted manipulated video to make the sign behind him say Tampa, Florida.

Newsmax's John Cardillo is a repeat amplifier of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and harassment.

On Sunday, Cardillo amplified a manipulated video showing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden saying, “Hello, Minnesota," in front of a sign that partially read “Tampa, Florida."

The video Cardillo amplified was originally posted by Twitter user Leni. Cardillo's tweet was amplified by conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt's producer and other right-wing figures.

Many people pointed out that this footage was manipulated, including Biden staffer Parker Butler, who shared the original video showing that the sign actually read “Text MN to 30330."

After being called out, Cardillo admitted the video was manipulated but claimed that it was “telling."

The manipulated video was also shared by RedState. A RedState author also shared a screenshot of Leni's tweet on Facebook.

RedState manipulated video

The Post Millennial also shared the video, but have since removed it. A cache of their website shows what the headline looked like.