Trump attorney Alina Habba uses QAnon show to push January 6 conspiracy theories

Habba is at least the third Trump attorney to appear on a QAnon-affiliated program

Alina Habba, an attorney for former President Donald Trump, appeared on an online show affiliated with the QAnon conspiracy theory, where she pushed baseless conspiracy theories about the January 6 insurrection, the 2020 presidential election, and President Joe Biden.

On March 16, Habba appeared on X22 Report, a QAnon-supporting podcast that has reportedly been tied to a violent incident. At the beginning of the interview, Habba — who is at least the third Trump attorney to appear on a QAnon-supporting show — told the host, David Marc Fishman, “I'm happy to be on. Finally.”

During the interview, Fishman asked Habba if she thought an insurrection “actually occurred on January 6,” and in response she falsely suggested that the federal government was behind the insurrection, saying that people have testified that “there were FBI assets put on the ground on January 6” and that “there was a planned political movement, and it wasn’t by ... Republicans.” She also added that she believed that “the federal government has entities that are working and colluding with some of” the alleged insurrection participants, asking, “Assets, why were they on the ground?” and “Why were they wearing MAGA hats?”

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Citation From the March 16, 2024, edition of X22 Report, streamed on Rumble

DAVID MARC FISHMAN (HOST): Like January 6, the whole narrative there is completely falling apart because now the documentation and the evidence is coming out that he actually did authorized, like, 10,000 National Guard, and [Liz] Cheney kinda hid it from him. But when you look at it, I mean, if they were hiding information and they didn’t want the public to know the information, I mean, do you think there was an insurrection that actually occurred on January 6?

ALINA HABBA (TRUMP LAWYER): What I know — and I don’t like that phrase, because I think it’s being completely misused — what I know is that there have been people that have testified in front of Congress that have said that there were FBI assets put on the ground on January 6. I know that my client said, “Go peacefully and patriotically.” I’m not sure how, when you add those two things up, that means there was an insurrection started by Donald Trump. It sounds to me like there was a planned political movement, and it wasn’t by [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Republicans.

And if you look at the footage that has come out where they try and make it sound horrific but you see people being guided with security, I mean — and I wasn’t there; I’m not — I wasn’t part of the administration, but I can tell you what I see on TV. I can tell you what I hear when people are testifying, and none of that amounts to this. They use these words, “fraud,” “insurrectionist,” anything that they can, disgusting phrases about women and his treatment towards women that are just not true and have no factual basis. And I see it over and over again.

And I can’t say that that, in any way, shape, or form, would ever amount to an insurrection with anybody but Donald Trump, because they need to create stories. And I think they played a really good story. And then when they did their own investigation — let’s not forget, Dave, all of a sudden the evidence is gone. All the evidence from that show that they put on where they have the live air feed and Cheney, you know, sitting up there, and she was doing her thing, all that evidence is gone. If you had real hard evidence, why wouldn’t you turn it over to the prosecutors who were handling January 6? Why wouldn’t you, when we asked to see it, have it to show us? Things like that make me afraid for our country.

FISHMAN: I mean, yeah. They hid the, I think the transcript with Kash Patel, where he testified that, yes, Trump authored, authorized, 10,000 National Guard, but they kinda hid that from the public. 


FISHMAN: So if we turn this around, do you think them hiding evidence, them creating this story, do you think the insurrection was actually against President Trump then?

HABBA: I mean, you could say that, right? Like I said, I don’t like to use that word. I’m not gonna use it against other people if I don’t want it used against my client. I'm an America — I’m an American lawyer. So for me, I’m not, I’m not crazy. I don’t suffer from whatever the opposite of Trump derangement syndrome is. I think all of it needs to stop. 

I think that the federal government has entities that are working and colluding with some of these people, and that’s a problem. Assets, why were they on the ground? Why were they wearing MAGA hats? You know? If that’s true, that’s really disturbing. And, you know, I think the American people are waking up.

Fishman and Habba also discussed the 2020 election, with Habba pushing baseless claims of election fraud. She claimed that in 2020 “we caught on to the last form of cheating” and that now “they’re trying to steal an election by putting the leading candidate in jail,” while emphasizing that she is “not a conspiracy theorist person.” She also agreed with Fishman that such supposed interfence shows how a “conspiracy theory turns into truth.”

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Citation From the March 16, 2024, edition of X22 Report, streamed on Rumble

DAVID MARC FISHMAN (HOST): So let me just go back to 2020 because 2020, during the election, during that period of time, there was a virus that was released, you know, on the world, and they brought in mail-in ballots, drop boxes. The elections were paused when the elections were going on. Something that people have never seen before, and it’s very interesting because you’ve been in the court system, and you’re seeing things that you’ve never seen before. People in this country are seeing things, like with the elections and everything else, that they’ve never seen before. Do you think this time around, in 2024, the elections for 2024, do you think that they’re going to do something or try something to manipulate the elections again?

ALINA HABBA (TRUMP LAWYER): I think they — what do you call what’s happening right now? I think this is it. I think that — I think they’re doing that. I mean, I think that —

FISHMAN: I agree with you — 

HABBA: When I say it’s election interference, I’m not kidding. I think this is it. I think this is what they’re doing. I think that if they could put them in jail, they would. I think that’s their new form because they — we caught on to the last form of cheating, right? So, you know, there’s no question our country needs reform and election integrity needs to be examined. There is no question. I am not a conspiracy theorist person, Dave, you know that. I work with facts, not stories. And for me, there’s no question that needs to happen, but I also think that this is — this is truly how they’re going to try and steal the election.

FISHMAN: You know, it’s funny that you say, like, conspiracy theory because, actually, if you just go back a couple years, if someone came up to you and said, “Listen, Alina. I don’t know if you know this, but your client, they’re going to interfere in the election. You won’t be able to get fair trials. Everything that you try to do is going to be stopped because, you know, the system is corrupt. They’re dealing with, you know, Biden, who’s attacking his political opponent.” I guess back then, it would be a conspiracy theory. But now that —

HABBA: You’re right. You’re right.

FISHMAN: But now that you're actually experiencing it, I guess that conspiracy theory turns into truth.

HABBA: You’re right 100%. And I’m not saying that I don’t agree with a lot of the things that have said and have become true. You know that. And —


HABBA: I think where I go is I’m very careful into guessing what could happen next. I can tell you what’s happened now. They’re trying to steal an election by putting the leading candidate in jail. There is no question about that. And if that’s not election interference and interfering and trying to take away — until last week, we weren't even allowed to vote in certain states for President Trump —


HABBA: How was that not election interference? That is insane. That’s stealing an election. That’s crazy to me. You know, we have rights as Americans. It’s not about President Trump and President Biden. What about us? We get to choose. We get to choose, you know, who we want to vote for. And you can’t take away our — that’s our right. That's not even his right. It’s our right. And when you become that desperate, that is 100% interference. That is stealing an election. That is all of those things.

FISHMAN: Well, you know, it’s funny when you say we have the right to choose, but when you look at election interference and you look at what they did back in 2020, they actually took that right away from us, and they’re continually trying to take that right away from us. I don’t think they want us to choose.

HABBA: 100%.


During the interview, Habba also argued without evidence that Biden was a “puppet” of former President Barack Obama, saying of Biden, “He’s not the real guy running the show.”

Habba is at least the third attorney for Trump to appear on a QAnon show, following Peter Ticktin and Christina Bobb. Other Trump allies have also appeared on X22 Report, including former Trump administration official Kash Patel and Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes. Trump has also boosted and associated with the QAnon community, repeatedly amplifying QAnon-supporting accounts on Truth Social, repeatedly airing a QAnon-connected song at his rallies, and giving QAnon show hosts press credentials for some of his rallies.