Trump campaign adviser urges viewers of QAnon show to “go be a part of our campaign”

Christina Bobb, an attorney and campaign adviser for former President Donald Trump and his 2024 presidential campaign, urged viewers of the QAnon-supporting show Making Sense of the Madness to get involved with Trump’s campaign. 

On May 2, Bobb appeared on QAnon supporter Sean Morgan’s show, which airs on the online QAnon-supporting American Media Periscope site (which also airs on Rumble). During the appearance, Bobb urged viewers to “get involved” and to “go be a part of our campaign,” adding that Trump “needs us to get involved.” 

Bobb’s appearance on the show comes as Trump and his allies continue to appeal to and interact with the QAnon community. Within a two-week span earlier this year, Bobb appeared on multiple QAnon shows — including Morgan’s — and discussed Trump’s 2024 campaign, urged people to combat supposed election fraud and be involved with what has been called the “precinct strategy,” and called herself “a conspiracy theorist.”

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Citation From the May 2, 2023, edition of American Media Periscope’s Making Sense of the Madness:

CHRISTINA BOBB: Nobody can beat Donald Trump. No one can touch Donald Trump. Donald Trump is running against the D.C. machine. I’m not talking about the voting machines. I’m talking about the machine that they have created to protect the political establishment. That’s what he’s running against. It doesn’t matter who they throw in there. They can put anybody in there and turn their machine on. And that’s what Donald Trump is running against.

So that’s why it’s so important that the American people get involved. Go work your precincts. Go be a part of our campaign. Talk to your friends and family and talk to your neighbors. Be a part of the solution. Get involved in a grassroots effort on some issue that’s important to you in your local area, because when the American people get involved and they are part of the political process, we are stronger than that Washington, D.C., machine. And so that’s what Donald Trump needs from us. He needs us to get involved and help secure our elections, help secure our border. You know, all of the stuff that — all of these issues that matter to us, where there’s plenty of organizations out there to get involved. Get involved because together that’s how we, with Donald Trump, defeat this D.C. machine.

SEAN MORGAN (HOST): You know, I do think it’s important people get involved. They can become part of the campaign., is that right?

BOBB: That’s right.