After claiming to disavow QAnon, Marjorie Taylor Greene goes on a QAnon show

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) went on a QAnon show to promote her new book, claim without evidence that the federal government may have been behind the January 6 insurrection, and call for investigating the House January 6 committee for “abus[ing] their power.” 

Before joining Congress, Greene had promoted QAnon, repeatedly posting QAnon slogans and praising “Q,” the conspiracy theory’s central figure. In 2021, after being elected to Congress, she claimed to disavow the conspiracy theory, saying that after “seeing things in the news that didn’t make sense to me,” she “stumbled across” QAnon at the end of 2017 and “was allowed to believe things that weren’t true.”

Despite that supposed disavowal, on November 22 Greene appeared on X22 Report, a known QAnon-supporting show that has been linked to at least one act of real world violence. During the interview with the host, known only as Dave, Greene promoted her new book and criticized the “outrageous” headlines about her and media outlets for “basically creat[ing] a character of me that doesn’t exist.” 

She also called for “a select committee with subpoena power that can actually hold the former House January 6 committee accountable for lying and the unbelievable way they abused their power,” and baselessly claimed that “contractors” or “federal agents” or “part of law enforcement” were “provocateurs” in the insurrection, adding that “a lot of fingers are pointing at the FBI.” 

In reality, multiple QAnon supporters were involved in the insurrection.

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Citation From the November 22, 2023, edition of X22 Report, streamed on Rumble

DAVE (HOST): Today we have a new guest, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene represents Georgia’s 14th Congressional District in northwest Georgia. Congresswoman Greene has led the effort to impeach Joe Biden, ban the genital mutilation of children, secure our southern border, end the war in Ukraine, and push the Republican Party to put the American people first. Her America First credentials are forged in steel, and she’s leveraged her power to drive change in the House GOP. In her first book, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene reveals her personal account of the battles she fights in the halls of Congress and beyond. 

And I am very happy and honored to have Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on the X22 Report spotlight. Congresswoman, welcome to the spotlight. 

REP. MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE (R-GA): Thanks so much for having me on today.

DAVE: Hey, thanks for being here. And let me just start off with why did you decide to write this book? 

GREENE: Well, you know, ever since I entered Congress in January of 2021, the media has basically created a character of me that doesn’t exist. And they sold that character all over to — all over the world, all of our country, 24/7. The headlines are outrageous. And so I wanted to write a book basically to set the record straight and tell people who I really am, what my thoughts and ideas are, my own policies, and why I think it’s so important to fight for our country. 

I also tell a lot of personal stories in this book, such as January 6, how I was in the House chamber objecting to Joe Biden’s Electoral College votes and what happened that day, and my experience visiting the January 6 defendants in the D.C. jail. I’ve been there multiple times, but I was the first member of Congress to go there in 2021 when they were being persecuted. And I tell that story. Also tell stories about bills that I think are important, like stopping gender mutilation, or genital mutilation of children, and the Republicans that are actually giving me a hard time getting this bill passed. And then just lots of stories in between, some personal stories, some funny stories. But I think it’s a book that people will enjoy and I hope they order it.

DAVE: I mean, now that people are seeing the January 6 videos because they’ve been released, they’re starting to realize that it wasn’t what everyone said it was when, you know, AOC said she was afraid in the corner and she was scared for her life. And, you know, and they, you know, the unselect — Trump calls them the “unselect committee” — how they edited all the videos to make it look like, you know, something was happening when it really wasn’t. I mean, with the January 6 videos that have come out right now, is Congress — because I saw your post on X that we should be investigating, you know, all of these people; we should form a select committee to investigate what really happened — so is Congress now looking at that or are they pushing back on this since, I mean, now the video’s out, they should be all in on this.

GREENE: I would hope so. You know, that was only 90 hours out of 44,000 hours that was released just this past week. And, you know, here’s my calling. We need accountability. It’s one thing to release, you know, a tiny fraction of the videos. It’s kind of like throwing bread to the mob, right? We need accountability. And the real way to get accountability is to create a select committee with subpoena power that can actually hold the former January 6 committee accountable for lying and the unbelievable way they abused their power. 

I want to hold Nancy Pelosi accountable. She was speaker of the House. I wrote a whole chapter on January 6 in my book, and I tell where I was and everything that happened. And it’s important to understand that Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House is responsible for the security of the Capitol. Not the president, not anyone else, but the speaker of the House. And Nancy Pelosi, I believe she caused it that day. I believe she allowed it to happen, and I believe she had a purpose and an intention in doing that. And that was to stop our objection against Joe Biden’s Electoral College votes that I worked very hard on, along with Matt Gaetz and many others. We were very prepared that day, and I think the Democrats were terrified of it. 

And then we’ve got provocateurs, we know. We aren’t sure exactly who they are, whether they’re contractors or federal agents or part of law enforcement. We don’t know. Maybe they’re a foreign country. Maybe they’re a foreign group. We don’t exactly know, but we are pretty — we are sure they were in there because there’s so much evidence and a lot of fingers are pointing at the FBI. We need subpoena power on that. And so I’ve called on Speaker Johnson to form this committee. Don’t just release videos for people. Form a committee. Because Americans are sick and tired of no one ever being held accountable.