Trump attorney asks viewers of QAnon-supporting show to send him “evidence in regard to January 6,” “the fake election,” and “the election fraud”

Peter Ticktin, an attorney for former President Donald Trump, appeared on a QAnon-supporting show and asked viewers to send him “evidence in regard to January 6,” the “fake election,” and “the election fraud.”

Ticktin is working for Trump in a lawsuit he filed against some of his perceived political enemies, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey, and the Democratic National Committee, accusing them of a “racketeering conspiracy for allegedly joining in ‘an unthinkable plot’ to falsely accuse Trump of colluding with Russia in the 2016 presidential election.”

Ticktin has appeared on multiple QAnon-supporting shows where he promoted Trump’s lawsuit and called for “capital punishment” of Biden administration officials. He has also teamed up with far-right blog The Gateway Pundit to “crowdsource videos” from the January 6 insurrection, “requesting footage of ‘Trump protestors being peaceful’ and of ‘police or anyone else waving/encouraging people to go into the Capitol building.’”

During a July 13 appearance on QAnon-supporting show RedPill78 -- which he has now appeared on multiple times -- Ticktin was asked by host Zak Paine if he was worried about Trump possibly being indicted. In response, Ticktin said he was “helping to marshal the evidence in regard to January 6 and the fake election … you know, the election fraud.” He mentioned his email address and The Gateway Pundit, encouraging viewers who “have any information, any proof that helps prove the election fraud or January 6,” to “please be sure to” send it to him or to The Gateway Pundit. Multiple QAnon supporters -- including Paine -- participated in the insurrection.

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Citation From the July 13, 2022, edition of RedPill78

ZAK PAINE (HOST): I want to go back to the idea of President Trump being indicted, because, Peter, I think, you know, we’ve been paying attention to this -- this witch hunt against President Trump now for going on six years. And during four years of his time in the office of the president, after investigation after investigation, they were unable to bring any type of indictments against him. I think it’s clear that since he left Washington, D.C., they’ve continued to do the same thing. And I just feel like if President Trump was in any real danger, if he had actually committed any crimes, then they would have been able to find something and to pin on him. And I think a lot of people are worried. They’re worried that before we even get to 2024 or before anything is undone, they’re going to indict President Trump and they’re going to stop him from being able to hold office again. I understand the idea of considering all possibilities, but is this something that you are actually worried about in any way?

PETER TICKTIN: Well, I’m speaking as a private citizen in this regard. I don't -- I’m not part of it. I’m not a criminal lawyer. I’m not involved in any of that. I am involved in helping to marshal the evidence in regard to January 6 and the fake election -- we -- you know, the election fraud. So any of that information, if anybody has any of that, please don’t forget that there’s a place to send that. It’s … or, you know, to Gateway Pundit. Anyone -- you know, they’ll know where to send it. So if you have any information, any proof that helps prove the election fraud or January 6, please be sure to do that.