The right celebrates “Trump Train” that surrounded and threatened Biden campaign bus

Trump supporters surrounded a Joe Biden campaign bus working to get out the vote in yet another example of the right’s voter intimidation efforts

Right-wing media figures celebrated voter and campaign intimidation efforts in Texas by supporters of President Donald Trump who surrounded a Joe Biden campaign bus with nearly 100 vehicles and reportedly tried to run it off the road on Friday. 

According to CNN, the campaign bus was “part of a push to urge Biden supporters to cast their ballots,” and the vehicles that surrounded it on October 30 were part of a “Trump Train group,” which are known to “organize events that involve their cars with flags and Trump paraphernalia and drive around to show support for President Donald Trump.” The FBI is reportedly investigating the intimidation efforts, which “featured at least one minor collision and led to Texas Democrats canceling three scheduled campaign events on Friday.”

Days prior in a video, Donald Trump Jr. praised such groups and urged them to give Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris “a nice Trump Train welcome.” And after the October 30 event, the president himself applauded the Trump Train in a tweet featuring video of the caravan surrounding the Biden campaign bus, saying, “I LOVE TEXAS!”

Historian Eric Cervini described the terror of being at the event.

These events come as the Republican Party and the Trump campaign have engaged in unprecedented voter suppression and intimidation efforts, including leading several challenges in courts to throw out mail-in ballots in swing states.

Members of the right celebrated the event, including on TikTok, far-right message boards 4chan and Gab, and a post by Trump-aligned extremist group The Proud Boys on Parler. Other right-wing media figures and outlets praised the tactics and downplayed their severity, including Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro:

  • The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft
  • Newsmax’s John Cardillo
  • Mediaite's Caleb Howe
  • Ted Nugent
Biden Bus Flees Texas as Trump Supporters Out Number His Voters
  • Todd Starnes
The Biden campaign canceled a segment of their Texas bus tour after the bus was swarmed by dozens and dozens of pro-Trump cars and trucks. This is the best video ever!

TheBlaze: “Trump supporters escort Biden-Harris tour bus in Texas, Biden supporter responds by calling 911”

The Joe Biden campaign canceled numerous campaign events across Texas that were scheduled to take place this weekend after the Biden-Harris tour bus received a big Texas welcome from President Donald Trump's supporters.

However, Texas Democrats told a different story: they claimed Trump supporters sought to intimidate Biden's campaign and supporters, creating a dangerous situation. 

The Gateway Pundit: “UPDATE: Democrats Cancel Central Texas Event After TRUMP MAGA SUPPORTERS Surround and Escort Biden-Harris Bus From Town”


Kamala Harris made three stops at small rallies in Texas on Friday.

Democrats are wanting you to believe Texas is in play this year — it isn’t.

After one rally Trump supporters gave Kamala an escort from town.

This was EPIC!

Trump supporters in vehicles filled with MAGA Trump flags surrounded and escorted the Biden-Harris bus out of town after their small rally.

RedState: “Trolling in Texas? 'Biden Bus Tour' Can't Escape 'Trump Train' of Fired up Trump Supporters!”

It sounded like a great idea to Team Joe. Do a Biden bus tour across Texas to demonstrate the level of excitement for the Democrat nominee in the Lone Star State. Just one problem. The farther the Biden bus went, the longer the line of Trump cars trailing right behind it. 

While the bus tour idea looked good on paper to Team Joe, things began to turn out not quite like they had expected — with an ever-growing “Trump Train” following the bus everywhere it went. By the time the caravan got to Missouri City, Texas, it was par-tay time for the Trumpers.

BizPacReview: “Heavy duty trolling in Texas. Biden Bus can’t get away fast enough from growing Trump Train.”

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden launched a “Biden bus tour” across Texas on Wednesday, but based on the reception it’s received thus far, it might as well be called a “Trump bus tour.”

Multiple reports, videos and photos confirm that, far from attracting the attention of Biden supporters, the bus has been pulling in Trump supporters — lots of them, too.