Laura Ingraham reacts to news of Rod Rosenstein's apparent departure: “He's been a prickly little thing from the very beginning”

Ingraham: “I did tweet that he should be fired last week”

From the September 24 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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[Ingraham clucking like a chicken over audio of the Fox News report on Rod Rosenstein's departure from the Department of Justice]

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): I did tweet that he should be fired last week. Maybe it was a little precipitous. When the story came out that he's supposedly joking about the 25th Amendment, anyone who would joke about the 25th Amendment, if it's true that he joked, shouldn't be deputy attorney general. If you're joking about it -- Joking about wearing a wire? You can't joke about wearing a wire into the White House. 

He's been a prickly little thing from the very beginning. Prickly, priggish nightmare. Sorry. I never had a good spidey vibe about him. My spidey vibes are usually right about people. Did not have a good spidey vibe about him, not at all. Wasn't good. 


INGRAHAM: To me it seems obvious that, from the very beginning, it wasn't going to work. It wasn't going to work with Rosenstein. The first moment that he got turned up, he moved to appoint a special counsel. There was no reason he should have appointed a special counsel. 

You know what I think he's really worried about? These documents. He convinced the president last week to undo his decision about the declassification, the redacted documents. Somehow, Rosenstein ends up convincing Trump to go back and 'oh no we'll let the inspector general have these documents.' On those documents, we're gonna see how outrageous and egregious it was for Rosenstein to have signed off on those FISA applications, to spy on an American citizen, on zero grounds. Zero grounds to spy on him.

And he didn't want -- I'm telling you, it's getting too hot. Too hot in here. You see what people are made of when the pressure gets turned up, don't you. You see what they're made of. Some people melt and run away. Other people stand and fight for what they believe in.


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