Laura Ingraham defends Donald Trump’s attacks on family members of Judge Merchan

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Citation From the April 2, 2024, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): In Trump's hush money trial, another fraud, Judge Juan Merchan expanded a gag order barring him from talking about family members of the court and of D.A. Alvin Bragg. Now, this comes after Trump complained about what sure looks like an apparent conflict of interest that the judge's daughter has. She is the president of something called Authentic Campaigns. It's a Democrat consulting firm. And according to the New York Post, this firm raised $93 million in campaign donations based off this very case, her dad's.


DAVID SCHOEN (GUEST): I've said from the start of this case, the appearance of impropriety is clear, so he should recuse himself for that reason. He's hand picked for this case, Trump Organization case, Bannon case, Weisselberg case, rather than random selection. There's a case Frank Alino v. Coleman from 2004 that upheld that kind of process, hand picking by the D.A., but said if it's raised on direct appeal and you can show a conflict then it shouldn't be permitted. It has a terrible appearance.