Laura Ingraham: Everything the FBI finds in the Russia investigation "is the fruit of the poisonous tree"

Laura Ingraham: Everything the FBI finds in the Russia investigation "is the fruit of the poisonous tree"

Ingraham: "I don't think anything should be done from this investigation"


From the May 21 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): I think sending the president in to talk to [special counsel Robert] Mueller, I don't understand that strategy. I do believe, however, that [White House attorney] Emmet Flood is one of the most brilliant people ever, so, if he has anything to do with this decision then I'm probably wrong because he's 20 times smarter than I am on these things. But sending the president in on very limited questions, or maybe written answers, that might be fine. But I don't see how trusting the Mueller investigation -- I don't trust these people, and I'm not trying to be cute here. The fact that this investigation began on a fraudulent basis, this never should have been started in the first place. [Deputy Attorney General] Rod Rosenstein never should have appointed that special counsel, the thing shouldn't have never happened, period. 

So, because it was started on spurious grounds, sending a spy into the Trump campaign, who was a spy, this Stefan Halper, to gather dirt and plant ideas in the heads of three of these low-level people who were doing very little, if anything, for the Trump campaign. I mean, [former Trump campaign policy adviser Sam] Clovis was doing a little bit more, he's a wonderful person. But, come on. You see what I'm saying? Everything is the fruit of the poisonous tree, I don't think anything should be done from this investigation. I think the obstruction thing, that's ridiculous too because it is based on the initial spying in the campaign that led to the everything happening afterward.


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