Project 2025 advisor John McEntee says the initiative “is in charge of staffing the next administration should Trump win”

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Citation From the April 23, 2024, edition of The Momentum Podcast 

JOHN MCENTEE (GUEST): Let's say if it was like, you know, white Christian families of five pouring across the border, they would probably be there with shotguns. So I think, you know, deep down and they'll be like, what do you mean? Like, illegals can't vote. It's like, well, their kids vote or, you know, it's like they like changing the demographics of the country because, you know, it helps their political power unfortunately. So they don't mind that, like, people from all these countries are coming in.

It's like, it's very hard as a conservative to explain to a new person that just got here from Honduras about like, the values of limited government and why you want restraint. Like you can't, they're just gonna be like voting Dem for like, benefits.


MCENTEE: I work for the Heritage Foundation on their Project 2025 which is in charge of staffing the next administration should Trump win. So in the last year of the administration, last year in the White House, I ran the personnel office which is in charge of like, hiring and firing 4,000 political appointees in the executive branch, anything from like the Secretary of Defense to like, a scheduler.

So we're kind of like thinking ahead, like if Trump wins in November who are good people to get in, like, who are the people from the last administration that were super successful and competent in their roles that can, like, move into senior roles, you know, giving him like a team that's all rowing in the same direction to, like, really hit the ground running because the first time it was sort of the dog that caught the car and it was like, whoa, wait Trump won. I thought he would win but no one else did.