Fox contributor John Solomon appears in Trump campaign video, laments “politicization of the media”

John Solomon in a Trump campaign video

Right-wing reporter John Solomon has spent the past several years trying to get President Donald Trump reelected by writing discredited pieces in the media. He recently helped the president by appearing in a campaign video and pushing pro-Trump talking points. 

Solomon previously worked for outlets including The Washington Post, The Washington Times and, most recently, The Hill. He is now the chief executive officer and editor-in-chief of Just the News, which he founded, and a Fox News contributor. 

While at The Hill, he played a key role in fabricating a pro-Trump disinformation campaign against former Vice President Joe Biden and others. Solomon's work helped serve as the foundation for the president's scheme that eventually led to his impeachment. (He regularly promoted his supposed scoops during Fox News appearances, particularly on Sean Hannity's show.) During impeachment hearings, witnesses trashed his reporting. Media Matters named Solomon its 2019 Misinformer of the Year. 

He is still trying to help Trump’s reelection bid. He appeared in a June 20 video for the campaign’s “Real News Insights” series with host Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law. During the video, Solomon claimed that it’s “overwhelmingly clear that there was a conspiracy by" people in the government to take down President Trump.

While appearing in a propaganda video for the Trump campaign, Solomon also attacked the media for its supposed biases, claiming that Just the News harkens “back to an era of journalism where you kept the neutral voice. You just reported facts. You left the opinion to someone else. And you try to write stories and let people make up their own mind.” He later complained that there’s “not only a politicization of the media” but also of institutions like the military, FBI, and the courts, and he called the trend “bad for America.” 

While Solomon spoke, a message below him read “Text Trump 88022 to subscribe,” which is a way to receive alerts from the campaign. After the interview, Lara Trump stated: “The media bias will get even worse. But count on President Trump to hold them accountable for the American people.” She also promoted ways to “get involved” with the Trump campaign. 

Solomon participated in the Trump campaign video despite Fox News’ claim that it “does not condone any talent participating in campaign events,” a policy that apparently includes contributors. Still, numerous Fox News personalities have campaigned for Trump and his fellow Republicans in recent years. In December, Fox News contributor Dan Bongino also appeared in a “Real News Insights” video with Lara Trump.