Fox's Ralph Peters Compares Black Lives Matter To “Mass Movements” Inspired By “The Power Of Jihad”

Peters: “I See A Parallel With The Black Lives Matter Movement Providing A Justification, Ostensibly So, For Killing Cops”

From the August 24 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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RALPH PETERS: And what we refuse to come to grips with the basic issues, the power of jihad, the fact that this is tied to religion, but also that there are all these mass movements going now that provide rationalizations, justifications, triggers for violent young men to act out and no force is more powerful than religion. When you think -- when you convince yourself that God wants you to kill, it's tremendously powerful. And there are secular variants. I mean I see a parallel with the Black Lives Matter movement providing a justification, ostensibly so, for killing cops. I mean you've got to look at why these people think they are entitled and driven to do this, and we don't. We don't want to wrestle with religion. We don't want to wrestle with the hard facts of sociology. And until we are willing to look at root causes, the heart of the problem, it just goes on. 

MARTHA MACCALLUM (CO-HOST): Yeah. I'm afraid you're right that we're going to have to just get used to this kind of thing and these random stabbings and people getting killed in all different parts of the world who may not be able to get to a war zone to carry those out. 


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