Fox Nation host Lara Logan praises Putin and suggests US State Department and Ukrainian government will launch “false flag” attack in Ukraine

Logan, whose commentary had just been amplified by the Kremlin to defend its war in Ukraine, also cites right-wing pundit John Solomon to allege a vast conspiracy between the US State Department and NGOs linked to George Soros to control policy

On March 22, Fox Nation host Lara Logan appeared on the extremist Stew Peters Show; Peters is a right-wing conspiracy theorist.

Logan had recently embarked on a conspiracy theory tour, and some of her commentary has been promoted by the Kremlin.

Peters described sitting down with Logan for an hour; he aired only the excerpts below, including: Logan praising Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin and condemning Ukraine and its president, Vladimir Zelensky; alleging a broad conspiracy of George Soros-backed nongovernmental organizations and the State Department behind U.S. policy including presidential elections; claiming that COVID-19 was a bioweapon unleashed by China; suggesting “gun control” advocates created a “playbook” of talking about children who die; claiming that critical coverage of Russia is due to people who “just haven't done their homework.”

She also agreed with Peters that the U.S. State Department and the Ukrainian government are about to launch a “false flag” attack in Ukraine.

Peters promised more of the interview with Logan later in the week.

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Citation From the March 22, 2022, edition of The Stew Peters Show

STEW PETERS (HOST): Naturally, we were happy to have sat down with Lara Logan. We promise never to ghost her for being too blunt or politically incorrect and saying the truth. We sat down with her for nearly an hour earlier today. Here's some of what she said.

LARA LOGAN (FOX NATION HOST): There were actual apartment buildings that are surrounded by the Ukrainian flag, I mean, everywhere you drive across L.A. I can just tell you that that's what you call the theater of the absolute ridiculous. When in our lifetimes did anybody ever see the cheering and — that is going on yet with any kind of war? I mean, that gets my B.S. meter just, you know, going absolutely off the charts, because that's not how things normally happen. And what you have here is whether you like Putin or don't like him, whether he's a good guy or he's a bad guy, Putin is not willing to be part of whatever, you know, global governing structure is coming our way. He's one man who's standing between us and the people who want to see a new world order. And you don't have to dig very deep to find out that Ukraine has a very dark history and it's directly involved in much of what is going on in the United States. You talk about, you know, all the lies. Well, Ukraine has been at the center of many of the biggest and most damaging lies. And it has an extraordinary role to play in all of this. And Vladimir Putin has been very calculating. He's been very careful. He's been, as you would expect, from someone who has said for 15 years he would not tolerate NATO expansion, who has made it very clear that he is not part of whatever they've got going on right now in the bioweapons labs that Hunter Biden's, you know, partners and firms are connected to. He's the man standing between us and, you know, this new world order, and they want to say that we're conspiracy theorists if we talk about it. But at the World Economic Forum, they can talk about it; at the U.N., they can talk about it. They can institute a global corporate, you know, tax; they can institute a global minimum wage suggests that for, you know, for a universal basic minimum wage, they can talk about a universal health passport, right? A digital one. But if anyone else talks about it, then we're conspiracy theorists and we're pushed to the fringes of alt-right lunacy. And I'm just tired of it. I'm tired of it. I don't care if you — you know, those people who want to read the New York Times and read The Washington Post and believe the nonsense — I just, you know, I don't have time for that anymore. I'm talking to the people who are listening and want to hear what's true and what's not true.


LOGAN: You know, what's to me is even worse, Stew? What they've ignored is what Zelensky has done since he's been in office. If you go to Donbas in the east of Ukraine, if you go to Odessa, if you go to Lugansk, you know what you'll find? Mass graves all across the east of Ukraine, and that is on Zelensky's watch. It's Zelensky and the Ukrainian military and paramilitaries who have put those people in the ground when they voted to secede, when they showed that the people were, at least a majority were, in favor of, you know, being independent and going — or going with Russia. You know, that was not a narrative that the West was ever, you know — we weren't going to tell that story. We were just going to ignore it. We're going to parrot out what Zelensky and the West want us to say about Ukraine, and we're going to ignore the memorials to those killed. You know, in Odessa during one of the protests, right, people went into a public building and it was set on fire — of course nobody knows who — and guess what, as the people were coming out of the windows and coming out of wherever they could to avoid being burned alive, they were being bludgeoned to death and shot. OK? And guess by whom? By the very people that we have been arming and equipping.

Don't forget, you know, with Ukraine impeachment, right? That whole thing was about, oh, you know, Trump withheld necessary aid for just, you know, for a matter of, you know, a few hours or for a moment. And our allies needed that so desperately — our allies who you can, you don't have to look very far to find pictures of our allies holding up the NATO flag and their battalion flag and the swastika. So I just want to understand this — where it's OK for the United States to arm, fund, support, and equip Nazis in the Ukraine. But it's not OK to vote for Donald Trump. That makes you an instant Nazi here, which is a death sentence in America.

This is why John Solomon at Just The News was so heavily attacked, right? Because his reporting was absolutely spot on. He was 100 percent accurate. Everything that he was saying and what he was exposing is something much more nefarious than I think most people realize. You have the Open Society Foundation and all the related, you know, organizations. They call them NGOs and charities, right? But there's nothing charitable about these people. They're is political as it comes. And they're extremely radical. They have a very nefarious agenda. They launder money through their 501(c)(3) status, sharing it all with each other. And even worse than that, they figured out a way to rob us blind. They use our tax dollars, through USAID, and they distribute that in places like Ukraine and all over the world. And what you found in John Solomon's reporting is not only are they stealing from us and funding their agenda with our tax dollars, laundering money through the NGOs and the oligarchs, what they're also doing is running policy through the U.S. embassies. Why do you think [Marie] Yovanovitch, the former ambassador, was so anti-Trump and so outraged that the people of America actually chose their own president instead of the one that was selected for them? Right? Hillary Clinton. Why do you think she didn't have an acceptance speech — you know anything planned, right? Only an acceptance speech. She didn't have a concession speech planned, because she was guaranteed, right? She was guaranteed that election. She barely bothered to campaign. And yet they were so certain that she was going to win because they — the fix was already in. They just didn't get away with it in 2016. It wasn't on the scale that happened in 2020.

So what do you have if you go back to John Solomon's reporting, which I would urge everybody to do, because on his website, he has a transparency feature and you can look at the actual emails with people from the Open Society Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy and all of these other groups. And you can see them arranging meetings, deciding giving lists and names of who should be investigated for corruption and who shouldn't be.

And by the way, isn't everybody just a little bit stunned that a place like Ukraine, which many Americans, let's face it, couldn't even point out on a map, is now suddenly the thing that we wake up with Ukraine on our lips and we sleep at night with Ukraine on our minds and in our dreams and in our prayers and everything else? You know, not to say that my heart doesn't break for the people of Ukraine, but what I don't want is I don't want to be led blindly into a war that comes right to this, to our doors, to our families, to our children, and our houses. Because the people who are lying to you about Ukraine, the people who lied about Russia, people who've lied about it COVID, I mean, they unleashed a bioweapon on the world that isn't finished killing people. And we don't talk about that because they want us to follow the next shiny little object and COVID is falling apart in every direction. Hunter Biden is heading for indictment, and nobody's talking about Durham, right? We're not focused on the things that we should be focused on. And these people want us to focus on Ukraine because it's — they play the emotional card. It's the same thing with gun control. Don't talk about anything else. Just talk about the children who die. Just talk about the trauma of the victims. Focus on the emotion. Where do you see that playbook, Stew? You see it everywhere, with almost every single issue.

PETERS: All the same people that lied to us about the election, the same people that lie to us about gun control? We've, we've exposed the American Medical Association, who has a handbook that teaches doctors how to fend off interviewers that are asking real questions about COVID-19 or the virus or the vaccines or the protocols or the treatment. And the same people — CBS, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of these demonic state mockingbird media outlets — are now in lockstep on this Russia and Putin bad narrative with guys like Hannity and Levin over at Fox. Why?

LOGAN: I don't know is the honest answer, right? I mean, I can only tell you what I believe in my gut. I don't have — I haven't talked to Sean and I haven't talked to Mark Levin, so, I don't know firsthand what it is that they're thinking. But I think they get, you know, a lot of journalists get seduced by this victim narrative, you know, the emotional narrative of, oh, you know, oh, goodness, the people of Ukraine are suffering, therefore, you know, we have to, you know, we — we cannot possibly show that we don't care about that. And I think that they just haven't — they just haven't done their homework. They haven't really figured out what it's all about. And they've bought into that narrative and they're going to push it. I could be wrong about that, you know? I mean, I'm telling you that's just, you know, that's just a superficial analysis.

PETERS: I mean, is that or is it that the network is owned by the same people, you know, the BlackRocks and the Vanguards and the investors like Soros and Pfizer? And that's why Hannity has to shill for the shots. And that's why they have to say that Putin is the enemy and that he's bad and that he's going to use, by the way, chemical weapons against the people of Ukraine. No, no, no. Predictions — Stew Peters Show prediction: Ukraine is going to use weapons — chemical weapons — against its own people at the direction of the U.S. State Department and then we are ready to blame it on Vladimir Putin. We did this in Libya, we did this in Iraq, we did this in Syria when Obama drew the red line. It's going to happen, isn't it?

LOGAN: So I would agree 100 percent with that part of what you're saying. It's actually called projection; in information warfare terms, what you do is you project your actions or motivations or whatever it is onto your adversary in advance so that when it happens, you've already set the stage, right? It's shaping, shaping the information environment. It's kind of like — you project that there's going to be a blue wave in Texas, even though your candidate is against gods, against guns, and against, you know, gas, and there's no way that the majority of Texans support somebody like that. And why are you projecting that? Because you are shaping the environment so that when you cheat and push someone through who should never have won, people believe it. You've set the stage, right? You've laid the groundwork just like they did with Trump and the mail-in ballots. Oh, it'll look like Trump is winning. And then when the mail-in ballots are counted, Joe Biden's going to win.


LOGAN: I mean, when Klaus Schwab of the Economic World Economic Forum, when he says by 2030 and this is a quote, we'll never have owned less and been happier; not him, of course, he'll never have owned more and been happier. But we're going to own less and less and less and look at us, look at what technology has done. We don't own our music anymore. If you don't have a debit card and money in your account, then you don't have access to your music, right? You don't have access to your television — you may have a television on the wall of your home, but you can't watch anything on it.

PETERS: Right.

LOGAN: Because they have control over that. So now imagine it's like the Chinese social credit system and you don't have access because —

PETERS: — you haven't been vaccinated. 

LOGAN: Yeah, you're not vaccinated. And you know what, if that's too much of a leap for you? Just think about it this way. Look at all the people who went to the Capitol on January 6 who've had their bank accounts closed by Chase Bank and others. Right? I mean, and so whether you're unvaccinated or did you vote the wrong way, right? Did you vote for Trump? Or did you, you know, you can substitute, did you go to a parent-teacher meeting and complain about critical race theory? 

PETERS: That's right. So, all these doctors, by the way, that are being shut down and they're being threatened with arrest. Some doctors are currently in jail. You have Dr. Vladimir [Zelenko], who they're going after, Zev [Zelenko].

LOGAN: It's outrageous.

PETERS: All these people over this disinformation and they're labeling disinformation like there's going to be a war on disinformation. Which leads me to kind of  — the question is, I think that the Russian disinformation thing is really going to intensify over — over and above what we saw with COVID or medical disinformation.

LOGAN: It has to — it has to see. But the problem is this — a lie has no legs. That's what my mother used to say and my grandmother before who said it. What does that mean? It means you have to keep telling more lies to prop it up. And what is happening? What we're seeing with Ukraine is the same old tactics aren't working, right? I mean, maybe people over at Fox News are intimidated. Maybe they're blinded. But look, nobody else is, right? You're not, and you're not the only one. And so what you, when you see, imagine, in the beginning of COVID, nobody really dared to touch that narrative, right? I mean, we knew people knew what was a lie. I knew China had bioweapons only, biolabs that, you know, bioweapons labs. They don't cure people. They don't. I mean, their own people die of, you know, the most basic diseases, and they do nothing for them. China only builds bioweapons labs. That's what they do. And U.S. intelligence monitors them from the — from day one and has, you know, ever since we've had the ability to do so. So the idea that we didn't know what they were doing in Wuhan, that's a lie. You know, I knew that literally on the first day. And although I, I reported it as much as I could, you know, we were in a time where you didn't dare say certain things.

PETERS: Yeah. Well, we're in different times now.