AZ state Sen. Wendy Rogers praises conspiracy theorist after he falsely claims COVID-19 doesn’t exist and vaccines have killed over 55,000 people

Wendy Rogers on the Stew Peters Show

Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers appeared yesterday on a right-wing conspiracy theory program, where she praised the host for telling the “truth” after he falsely claimed that the coronavirus doesn’t exist and that COVID-19 vaccines have killed over 55,000 people. 

Rogers has become one of the most visible Republicans promoting the sham 2020 election “audit” in Arizona. The state senator has also pushed the white nationalist “great replacement theory” trope. 

She has frequently appeared in right-wing media, including former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s program and One America News. She’s also repeatedly gone on the antisemitic outlet TruNews with white nationalist Lauren Witzke. Former President Donald Trump recently praised Rogers while speaking in Arizona. 

Most recently, Rogers went on the August 4 edition of the Stew Peters Show. Host Stew Peters is a right-wing conspiracy theorist who has pushed false claims about the coronavirus. He has also called for the execution of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. In addition to Rogers, Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) have also appeared on Peters’ program. 

During the interview, Rogers promoted her call to arrest election officials in Maricopa County who are not going along with the fraudulent Arizona “audit.” She also talked about the pandemic and urged people to fight against vaccine mandates in the workplace. Peters continued the discussion by falsely claiming that “the fact is, nobody can prove that a virus exists” and that vaccines have actually killed over 55,000 people. That lie has no basis in reality. 

Rogers responded to Peters by claiming that the truth is being “suppressed” and praised him for “being brave to get this truth out.” From that coronavirus discussion

STEW PETERS (HOST): As a America first conservative myself, I don’t like over-regulation. I don’t like big government. But there is a time when government needs to step in, and that is to stop some of this nonsense that's happening. If this virus was killing everybody and these shots were actually vaccines, which we now know they're not. 


PETERS: And they were actually approved and they were actually doing more good than harm, I'd be all for them. I would be all for them. But the fact is, nobody can prove that a virus exists. If this set of symptoms, if you do come down with this set of symptoms, you have a 99.989 percent chance of beating it. 

ROGERS: Right. 

PETERS: And these injections are reported to have killed over 50,000 people, according to -- 

ROGERS: Exactly! 

PETERS: -- a CDC whistleblower. 

PETERS: Which, as I mentioned just moments ago, is more people than died in the Korean War. I mean, we mourn 3,000-roundabout tragic deaths from 9/11 every year. It's an anniversary that, where we ring a bell, we go through an entire day of naming these people by name. We don't even know these 55,000-some-odd people. They’re a number in VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System]. It's ridiculous. 

ROGERS: Well, and the fact that the truth of that is suppressed is even really troubling. 

PETERS: It’s criminal. 

ROGERS: And I -- my hats off to you, Stew, and other alternative sources of media for being brave to get this truth out.