On Fox, Corey Lewandowski says Putin's denial of Russia hacking US election makes the issue “officially dead”

From the July 8 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Saturday:

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COREY LEWANDOWSKI: The mainstream media and the liberal left wants to continue to perpetuate a false narrative, which there was -- they say there was collusion, coordination, or cooperation between candidate Trump, President Trump, and somehow the Russians. And what we now know is that Barack Obama was the one who was informed in August of last year, before the election, that Russia was trying to interfere in the elections and did nothing about it. And what we saw yesterday, and what's been reported yesterday, is that the president took this issue directly to Vladimir Putin, questioned him if they were involved in meddling in the elections any way, shape, or form, and from what we are hearing, the Russians have denied this.

But this is the type of president that takes a problem, delivers it directly to the person who has the solution for it, and pressed him very tough to find out if Russia had anything to do with the outcome of the U.S. election. And from what Vladimir Putin has said, the answer is no. So, I don't know what else the mainstream media can talk about other than the fact that there was no collusion. There was no coordination. Now, the president is taking this issue directly to the president of Russia and raised it, so now I think the issue is officially dead.


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