James Carville Challenges Media Fact-Checkers To Get The Story Right On Donald Trump Attacks Against Bill Clinton

Carville: “A Man That Bankrupted Four Companies Is Attacking A Man That Balanced Four Federal Budgets”

From the January 4 edition of Bloomberg's With All Due Respect:

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JAMES CARVILLE: Let me put it this way about this cycle. It's such an odd cycle that a man that bankrupted four companies is attacking a man that balanced four federal budgets. 

MARY MATALIN: Oh, nice line.

CARVILLE: And so, you know that's about what this is. I mean, Bill Clinton, this country owes Bill Clinton a tremendous debt of gratitude, and I think that most Americans know that. They know he's a president that balanced budgets, and they know Trump is a man who bankrupted companies. 


It's a fact. Check it out, Politifact.


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