CNN Trump Apologist Defends Trump's Comment That Women Harassed At Work Should Find New Jobs

From the August 2 edition of CNN's New Day:

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ALISYN CAMEROTA (HOST): Kayleigh, what did you think of [Donald Trump’s] response there that his daughter would have to go find another job if she was sexually harassed? 

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: I mean I think that that's the same advice my father would probably give me. It's the same advice I would give to my sister. Get away from the situation. If someone is harassing you, if someone’s being aggressive, move jobs, get away from the situation. 

CAMEROTA: But the woman is not supposed to have to leave her job --

MCENANY: She's not supposed to --

CAMEROTA: It's not supposed to happen in the workplace that you have a hostile work environment. You're supposed to go to the authorities and be able to stay at your job. 

MCENANY: But look every woman acts -- treats these situations differently. For some women, they might be fine staying around that employer. For some women it might be too emotionally scarring and they might want to leave. I know for my family the concern would be get away from this aggressive boss. Get away from the situation and leave. That's what I would advise my siblings, too. 

RICHARD SOCARIDES: Well I mean, the interesting thing here, we both, Kayleigh and I both went to law school, alright. First of all, on one level, this shows a shocking misunderstanding of the legal system and the legal rights and remedies that are available to anybody who was sexually harassed. I mean the – you are entitled to -- 

CAMEROTA: To keep your job. 

SOCARIDES: You're entitled to work in an environment that is free from harassment, that is free from illegal activity, and one in which you are allowed to succeed based upon your merits. But, but more importantly here. I think that this remark, when I heard this remark, the first thing I thought about was Mitt Romney and that 47 percent because this remark, it exposes a worldview of things, exposes, you know, shows Donald Trump, the way he thinks about something. Of course he has always been the boss. And so I think he feels that he's entitled to act however he wants. I'm sure he also thinks that his friend Roger Ailes was viciously attacked by this woman. I think this shows a view of things that is pretty shocking. 

CAMEROTA: Go ahead, Kayleigh.

MCENANY: But Richard refers to the legal case. He was asked as a father, what would you advise your daughter to do. If your daughter is being sexually harassed by a male, the father's preeminent concern is not building a legal case, it is getting his daughter away from that situation. 


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