Conservative “newspaper” reacts to gay marriage

On May 18, the day after Massachusetts became the first state to allow gay marriage, The Washington Times put single quotation marks around the words “marriage” and “marry” in its headlines of articles reporting on the legal weddings. The newspaper also put double quotation marks around the words “wed” and “weddings” -- as well as “marriage” and “marry” -- throughout the articles' references to gay marriage. Other news organizations throughout the United States did not put quotation marks around these words.

The headlines of The Washington Times' May 18 articles on Massachusetts gay marriages:

The Washington Times: Homosexuals 'marry' in Massachusetts

The Washington Times: Same-sex 'marriage' likely to prove costly

The headlines of some other newspapers' and news organizations' articles on the same subject:

Associated Press: Gay couples celebrate marriages in Mass.

Chicago Tribune: Mass. same-sex marriage sparks local protests

The New York Times: Despite Uncertainties, Out-of-Staters Line Up to Marry

Newsday: Same-sex couples marry in Mass.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Same-sex weddings make history in Mass.

USA Today: Nation's first same-sex marriages fuel debate

The Washington Post: Gay Couples Marry in Massachusetts