Breitbart Defends Posting The Rants Of 9-11 Truther Michael Moriarty

On Tuesday, Andrew Breitbart defended his decision to feature the writings of former Law and Order actor Michael Moriarty, who believes the September 11 and Oklahoma City attacks were inside jobs. Breitbart said that while he opposes Moriarty's 9-11 conspiracy theories, he believes in “more voices, not less, unlike the left.”

“If he decides to try and take his 9-11 Truther stuff to my site, he'll be laughed off the site on that argument alone,” Breitbart said at a talk for The George Washington University's College Republicans. “He fights a very selective battle on that thing, and he's just one voice out of many. I believe in more voices, not less, unlike the left, that's why I created the Huffington Post.”

Breitbart added: “I have more voices, not less. I didn't fight when people exposed that. I didn't know that when he first started writing, but he does not have a platform to put that on my site.”

While he has not done so with Moriarty, Breitbart has previously shown a willingness to remove a contributor for off-site opinions.

In August 2010, Breitbart's BigGovernment began posting the writings of Dr. Kevin Pezzi, who had written bizarre and overtly racist statements prior to joining Breitbart's BigGovernment website. After Pezzi's writings were exposed, BigGovernment removed Pezzi as a contributor because “we have been made aware of other writings from this author which do not reflect the principles and values of this site.”

Breitbart and his website contributors previously criticized former White House green jobs adviser Van Jones for his alleged 9-11 Truther views (Jones has stated that he believes Al-Qaeda caused the attacks and that he was lied to about the petition, which was “something that I never saw and never signed onto”). BigHollywood editor in chief John Nolte has also criticized “9/11 Truther James Brolin” despite the fact that his website features Moriarty.

As Media Matters documented, Moriarty appeared on a radio program in 2007 and said he believes the September 11 attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing were inside jobs. Moriarty has appeared as a contributor on Breitbart's BigHollywood, BigPeace and BigGovernment websites. Moriarty most recently wrote a post for BigPeace on February 5 about Ronald Reagan.

During his GWU talk, Breitbart justified hosting Moriarty as a contributor because he's an “important” voice documenting how Hollywood purportedly blacklists conservatives.

Moriarty's Breitbart posts are frequently filled with paranoid and violent rhetoric. For instance, Moriarty has suggested he'll feel “comfort” when President Obama is killed:

The Bush Family are Progressively for the "Immigration Reform," New World Order or, as Bush Sr. rather imperialistically called it, the Pax Americana.

Barack Obama now plays Robespierre to all of the would-be but very bipartisan Revolutionaries.

The only comfort is that Robespierre eventually had to face his own favorite solution: the guillotine.

Death as a solution to almost everything.

The “Progressives”, both the Clintons and the Obama Nation, are as certain as both Danton and Robespierre were.

You can learn from the French Revolution what such threateningly violent certainty could lead them to.

That would be our new, Progressive guillotine: mutually exchanged, retroactive abortion or “Purge”.

Better known in America as unexplained deaths.

Moriarty has also claimed “Red Islam” has “literally invaded our Holy of Holies!!” through “evil” Obama, the “Obama Nation's vengeful enslavement of traditional America, as payback for slavery, is purely the Devil's doing” and, while discussing politicians and abortions, wrote that Roe v. Wade “is worldwide suicide. Legalizing murder ultimately means legalizing your own assassination.”

Breitbart said that 9-11 conspiracy theories are “20 times more abhorrent a concept, if not elucidated in research, than the birther stuff, which is borderline innocuous.” Breitbart has previously criticized birthers, though they post on his websites.