BigHypocrisy: Breitbart's BigHollywood criticizes 9-11 Truther while featuring 9-11 Truther contributor

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In a post today on Andrew Breitbart's BigHollywood, editor in chief John Nolte writes of "9/11 Truther James Brolin": "For those of you who don't know, James Brolin's Indian name is Creepy Truther Who Mocks 9/11 ... And here [sic] here's Creepy Truther Who Mocks 9/11 referring the 'View' audience to a Creepy Truther website, which I'm sure fellow Creepy Truther, Rosie - fire can't melt steel - O'Donnell, bookmarked immediately."

Nolte's criticism is a tad hypocritical since his own website frequently features the rantings of actor and BigHollywood "contributor" Michael Moriarty -- who himself is a "Creepy Truther":

Appearing on the radio program Deadline Live in February 2007, Michael Moriarty, who played assistant district attorney Ben Stone on Law and Order, was asked by host Jack Blood if he believes "that 9-11 had fingerprints of [an] inside job." Moriarty responded with his "theory" that before 9-11, President "Bush talked to the Bin Laden family in Riyadh" and said he needed "probable cause" to invade Iraq; the "Bin Ladens," in turn, told Bush that "we'll give you probable cause." When asked if he had any doubt that the Oklahoma City bombing was an "inside job," Moriarty replied: "None! There were two seismic reports of explosions, there were no federal -- there were no children of federal employees in the building at the time in the daycare center, and the ATF were nowhere to be found."


In 2007, Blood issued a press release about Moriarty's appearance headlined "Michael Morarty, Emmy/Tony Award Winning Actor says OKC and 9/11 are 'Inside Jobs,'" which was subsequently posted to several 9-11 Truth websites.

"Creepy Truther" Moriarty's last post for Nolte and Breitbart -- about the "New World Order" -- was the site's "featured" post. Then again, consistency on conspiracy theories has never been a strong point for Breitbart's "Big" websites.

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