Big Government pulls posts from Dr. Kevin Pezzi

Big Government pulls posts from Dr. Kevin Pezzi


Big Government has posted the following "Editorial Note" from "Publius":

Earlier this week, we read an on-line column which provided one of the most thorough and well-researched examinations of the many controversies surrounding former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod. We asked the author of the column for permission to reprint his article. Since publishing the articles, we have been made aware of other writings from this author which do not reflect the principles and values of this site. Because of this, we have removed the articles from Big Government. While we stand by the information contained in the articles we published, we do not wish to see the underlying issue confused or diminished by other work the author has done. We regret the error.

Big Government does not mention Pezzi by name in its posting.

Andrew Breitbart's site has also removed Pezzi's biography.


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Andrew Breitbart, Kevin Pezzi
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