Breitbart still featuring the rants of 9-11 Truther and Oklahoma City conspiracy theorist Michael Moriarty

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about the extreme views of former Law & Order actor and current Andrew Breitbart blogger Michael Moriarty. Among Moriarty's stated beliefs: the September 11 attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing were inside jobs; Presidents Clinton and George H.W. Bush were running illegal guns and drugs, and laundering money out of Arkansas; and Islam is "evil" and a "Gestapo."

Moriarty has also pushed extreme views on Andrew Breitbart's "Big" websites, where he's suggested he'll feel "comfort" when President Obama is killed, claimed "Red Islam" has "literally invaded our Holy of Holies!!" through "evil" Obama and, while discussing politicians and abortions, wrote that Roe v. Wade "is worldwide suicide. Legalizing murder ultimately means legalizing your own assassination."

Breitbart and his "Big" websites have castigated 9-11 Truthers, and criticized those associating with them. Yet Breitbart is still hosting Moriarty as a valuable contributor. Breitbart's Big Hollywood website posted another bizarre Moriarty post, this time claiming -- well, I'm not really sure what it's claiming:

The old euphemism for Marxist, the eternally resurrected treasonous lie called Progressive, has once again, as with Henry A. Wallace failed the smell test.

Therefore the new word for Progressive must be Sorosian.

HOLLYWOOD Sorosified: Oh, those rumored "splits" in the Democratic Party?

George and Media Matters will fix that ... unless, of course, George is so disappointed with his Oval Office Mini-Me's that he's given the order for his Wolfhound to bite!

The Greek Gods were thought to hurl down their thunder and lightening in the same way Dr. Evil casts his spell over the Earth.

He's scared the hell out of most of the world and, I think, he suggests the tensions between North Korea and the newly Marxified Obama Nation of America increase to levels of incipient violence.

Dr. Evil was raised in the violent terrorism of Nazified Hungary so he knows how to slowly, slyly, cunningly Sorosify what he considers the "illusions of a Free World".

Moriarty's "Sorosian New World Order" is currently the "featured" post on BigHollywood.

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