Fox Relies On Contributor Who Once Likened ACA To Slavery For Reaction To ACA Decision

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Fox News turned to Dr. Ben Carson -- a contributor who's compared health reform to slavery -- to give the network's first commentary on a federal court ruling that invalidated a portion of the Affordable Care Act. On July 22, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 to strike down federal subsidies for health insurance plans purchased through federal exchanges in the 36 states which did not establish their own marketplaces under the ACA.   

Directly after the court's decision, Fox's America's Newsroom reported the breaking news and then trotted out contributor Ben Carson, an anti-ACA activist and retired neurosurgeon, for his thoughts on the ruling. He praised the decision, saying he was "very pleased."

In the recent past, Fox's chosen commentator deemed Obamacare "the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery ... it is slavery, in a way," a comparison Carson subsequently defended.   

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